10 Most Common Lies Cheating Men Will Say

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He spent the night “with a friend”

Before, when he was leaving his office, you never heard that he wants to spend the night at this friend’s place. Ever since you know him, you always spent your nights at home. So what happened? All of a sudden, DID he decide to become spontaneous?

At first, you stayed awake and waited for him to return. However, after a couple of nights like these, you gave up. You even tried to call him, but you couldn’t get through, and when he came back, he was rather avoidant. What’s up with this sudden need to spend the nights with that friend?

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  1. I don’t think spouses or lovers should be going through each others things. There’s such a thing as privacy. Just because your married or in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re privacy should be violated.

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