10 Most Common Lies Cheating Men Will Say

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He went out with “his colleagues”

He has always been a workaholic, ever since you first met him. However, he suddenly starts to spend more time in bars and restaurants with his new friends or colleagues. There’s nothing wrong with going out once in a while or keeping your social life as active as possible, but when the man you once knew takes a completely different turn, then it might be the right time to ask yourself if something’s off. You could also try to find out if he actually goes to any of those places he’s telling you about or if, in reality, he’s going to see his lover.

His phone was allegedly in silent mode or the battery was dead

When men are cheating, they put their phones in silent mode on purpose. The exact reason why they do that can’t be defined: they either want to forget about their lives, or they want to cut any possible source of external guilt that might hit them.

Whatever it is, I’m sure it doesn’t apply to all individuals. But if you notice that your partner started to make a habit out of losing his phone, then something’s definitely off. Why would he close his phone for such a long amount of time? In this time and age, there’s no such thing as a dead phone, especially since we have access to wireless chargers and batteries.

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  1. I don’t think spouses or lovers should be going through each others things. There’s such a thing as privacy. Just because your married or in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re privacy should be violated.

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