7 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Intimacy

1. The initiation that is far too subtle

Usually, when it comes to intimacy, women believe men should be able to read their minds. As a result, they can become a little impatient if their subtle suggestions go unnoticed.

Slight glances, such as “I’m going upstairs,” or cuddling on the couch while watching TV don’t scream “Take me into the bedroom!” to the male brain. That happens especially if they are normally the primary initiator and there has been a lot of resistance.

Want a quick fix?

Women should know that men are just like them sometimes: they all want to feel and be attractive to their partners. They should tell them in a nice manner that they want something from them.

Also, women shouldn’t be afraid to speak their minds! And if they want a solution that works even faster, the best thing is to go ahead and kiss their men! Trust us! They’ll take the hint!

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