6 Things Men Secretly Do (and NEVER Admit To)

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2. Not washing their faces

Have you ever felt too lazy or tired to wash your face? You’ve probably done it, and most of us have to go through this. But now imagine never washing your face. What do you think? Could you be able to do that for the rest of your life? Probably not, but there are many men out there who never wash their faces. We know that they would never come clean about this, but they are there.

According to Karen Lynn Accattato, who is the Dove Men+Care face expert, Dove led a study in the USA and found out that 46% of men never wash their faces. This is an astonishing percentage! How could you go your entire life without washing your face?

If you want to start cleansing your face, we advise you to buy a facial cleanser, but you should know that some soap and water will also do the job. Now, bearded gents, please hear us out: always wash your facial hair too!

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