6 Things Men Secretly Do (and NEVER Admit To)

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5. They neglect their feet

Many times gents don’t pay enough attention to their feet, and when we say that, we are talking about washing their feet, cutting their toenails, and other activities like these. When was the last time you heard a man say that he needed to buy a new pumice stone for his feet? Probably never.

Don’t get us wrong now; we don’t say that all men are the same and all of them neglect their feet, but there is scientific research that shows us that men are more likely to have various problems with their feet.

For example, they are more likely to get foot fungus like the athlete’s foot. They usually get this type of fungus from the gym because they don’t wear flip-flops while showering or because they wear the same pair of shoes every day.

Our advice is to try your best to keep your feet in the best shape possible. Use a pumice stone, apply moisturizer, or whatever products you like and work for you, but stop neglecting this part of your body.

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