5 Warning Signs Your Boss Exploits You (and How To Cope With It)

your boss exploits you

Do you feel like your boss exploits you? The business world is dangerous. When we’re young, we spend our time believing that our qualifications are what set us apart, but as it turns out, our attitude toward our work and, more importantly, toward ourselves becomes a more significant factor. According to different experts, many people […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse

recovering from narcissistic abuse

Are you recovering from narcissistic abuse? Never do these things! Escaping narcissistic abuse is a big step, but you should know that the healing journey is just as important. Studies by the National Institute of Mental Health report that nearly 20% of people in the United States experience narcissistic abuse in their lifetime, and a […]

PTSD: How To Navigate Fireworks Season

PTSD, mental health depression

How to Tackle Your Ptsd-Symptoms This Season Summer brings along with it bright and booming fireworks shows, especially on the almighty patriotic holiday like the Fourth of July. As beautiful as these light displays can be, they can also trigger many people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). People who suffer from PTSD live […]

10 Subtle Signs a Past Trauma Is Affecting Your Marriage

Past Trauma

Are You In A Happy Marriage? Past traumas can have a significant impact on our present lives and overall mood. Past experiences from childhood or adulthood can influence how we behave and control our emotions. Feelings like fear, anxiety, or depression can be felt long after the heartbreaking event has passed. These emotions can be […]

Understanding Your Introverted Grandchild: 6 Key Traits Explained

introverted grandchild

Do you have an introverted grandchild? Understand them better and learn how to communicate with them today! Does your grandkid seem to prefer alone time to spending time with other people? Do they need time to recharge after group activities? Do they prefer to listen in on conversations rather than jump in first? If you’ve […]

7 Shocking Signs You Might Be a Toxic Grandparent

toxic grandparent

Are you a toxic grandparent? Let’s find out together! A relationship between adult children and their parents is never easy, especially if your children now have children of their own. You might be getting on your kids’ nerves because you organized their baby gear while they were away, or maybe you slipped the kids a […]

Generational Trauma: 9 Effective Ways to Get Off the Hamster Wheel

Generational Trauma

Is it possible to break the cycle of generational trauma? You’ve heard the saying “Hurt people hurt people” to refer to the intergenerational trauma cycle. Well, the reality is that trauma can definitely be passed down to future generations through how a parent interacts with their kids, the patterns and behaviors children see their parents […]

Life as a Widow: 7 Hard Things I Learned in My First Year

senior woman

These are the things I learned in my first year of being a widow. One year ago, I lost my husband. It felt like a nightmare and it still feels like this sometimes. It took me a lot of time to assimilate it. Recently, I needed to face my emotions and deal with the painful […]

11 Huge Red Flags of a Passive-Aggressive Person

passive-aggressive person

Can you recognize a passive-aggressive person?  Have you ever had the feeling that during a conversation in which you were trying to explain what bothered you, the opponent was not only irritated by this but was also giving you short answers like “I was just kidding” or “You’re way too sensitive?” Passive aggression is a […]

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