7 Shocking Signs You Might Be a Toxic Grandparent

toxic grandparent

Are you a toxic grandparent? Let’s find out together! A relationship between adult children and their parents is never easy, especially if your children now have children of their own. You might be getting on your kids’ nerves because you organized their baby gear while they were away, or maybe you slipped the kids a […]

Generational Trauma: 9 Effective Ways to Get Off the Hamster Wheel

Generational Trauma

Is it possible to break the cycle of generational trauma? You’ve heard the saying “Hurt people hurt people” to refer to the intergenerational trauma cycle. Well, the reality is that trauma can definitely be passed down to future generations through how a parent interacts with their kids, the patterns and behaviors children see their parents […]

What Are the 7 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Adult Children?

tell your adult children

Have you ever wondered what are the things you should never tell your adult children? Being a parent is never easy, regardless of how old your child is. One of my friends once told me that young kids equal small problems, while adult children mean big problems, and to be honest, I couldn’t agree more. […]

8 Smart Grandparenting Tips to Build Better Bonds

Grandparenting Tip

Having a rough time bonding? These smart grandparenting tips can help! Are you a grandparent looking to strengthen your connection with your grandkids? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just beginning this incredible journey, combining some clever grandparenting tips into your routine can make all the difference. Building strong bonds with your grandkids is fulfilling […]

Overcoming Parent-Child Conflict: 5 Easy Steps to Navigate

Overcoming Parent-Child Conflict

Psychology Diary Presents: Overcoming parent-child conflict In the complex world of family dynamics, the delicate threads between parents and adult children sometimes fray, leading to the need of overcoming parent-child conflict that can strain even the strongest relationships. But don’t worry. There’s always a pathway toward reconciliation and understanding regarding familial connections. Navigating these challenges […]

Empty Nest Syndrome: Adjusting to Life After Children Leave Home

empty nest syndrome

What is the empty nest syndrome? Being a parent was never easy, but with all its ups and downs, it’s heartbreaking to see your kids leave home and start a new life without you. This is what empty nest syndrome is about the grief every parent experiences when their beloved children fly away. Although there […]

11 Signs of a Toxic Daughter-in-Law and How to Deal With Her

Signs Of A Toxic Daughter In Law1

Signs of a Toxic Daughter-in-Law Navigating the intricate dynamics within a family can be tough, and one of the most delicate relationships that usually requires careful handling is of a mother-in-law with her daughter-in-law. Sometimes, a mother-in-law may wrestle with the unsettling signs of a toxic daughter-in-law. Firstly, a toxic daughter-in-law may display consistent criticism […]

The 6 Best Activities to Stay Connected with Your Grandkids

stay connected with your grandkids

Being a grandparent is one of the best things that can happen in the life of a senior, and it is excellent to find ways to stay connected with your grandkids. And this is why we are here today. We want to help you discover some activities that you can do with your grandkids. Staying […]

Top 7 Worst Subtle Ways You’re Pushing Your Adult Children Away

pushing your adult children away

How are you pushing your adult children away?  As parents, we might make mistakes that we don’t realize we’re making simply because we think this is the best approach and the best behavior toward our children. But according to psychologists, a lot of parents are pushing their adult children away in ways they don’t realize. […]

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