Watch Out! 8 Shocking Habits That Fake People Share

fake people

Watch out! There are many fake people out there and you need to protect your peace! Sincerity is said to be the greatest policy, but what happens if you interact with fake people? They might seem sweet and genuine at first, but you have no idea what they think. According to experts, untrustworthy individuals tend […]

5 Warning Signs Your Boss Exploits You (and How To Cope With It)

your boss exploits you

Do you feel like your boss exploits you? The business world is dangerous. When we’re young, we spend our time believing that our qualifications are what set us apart, but as it turns out, our attitude toward our work and, more importantly, toward ourselves becomes a more significant factor. According to different experts, many people […]

Identifying Narcissists: Blink and You’ll Miss These 10 Subtle Signs

narcissistic personality disorder

How easy is it to recognize a narcissistic personality disorder in a person? Narcissism has become a big, buzzy word over the past couple of years. However, the signs you’re dealing with a narcissist can be quite subtle, especially at first. When you’re able to spot the signs, it can help you be better prepared […]

4 Reasons Why We Keep Electing Narcissists and Sociopaths

It isn’t common for narcissists and sociopaths to rule the world… If you believe that democracy has ceased to be what it should be, you’re not the only one. The reason for that isn’t politics, but personalitis: too many countries, including the US, have come under the sway of high-conflict people who have become politicians. […]

9 Introvert-Friendly Life Lessons You Can Learn for Personal Growth

Introvert-Friendly Life Lesson

Transform your life with these introvert-friendly life lessons! Extroverts usually take center stage in business, politics, or even social gatherings. Meanwhile, introverts prefer to work behind the scenes and are highly misunderstood. In our society, they seem standoffish, aloof, or unfriendly. But, what most don’t realize is that introverts draw their energy from within rather […]

How the 5 Stages of Grief Can Give Us Closure

stages of grief

Have you heard about the five stages of grief? You may have heard about the five stages of grief, but like many, it may have been a passing idea. Despite this, these are a great aid when it comes to grieving and managing to go through such a loss, be it that you are dealing […]

Seniors Only: 8 Things You Should Stop After 60


Psychology Diary presents: things you should stop after 60! Do you want to live a fantastic life filled with happiness, pleasures, and health? Then you’re at the right place because I know how to help you reach your goals. Just because you’re a senior now doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from being happy. They […]

10 Defense Mechanisms We All Use and How They Work

defense mechanisms

What are your defense mechanisms? Defense mechanisms are ways you react when faced with negative emotions. According to the psychoanalytic approach, when you experience a stressor, the subconscious will first monitor what’s happening to see if the situation might harm you. If the subconscious believes there’s any threat of emotional harm, it may respond by […]

18 Common Habits Indicating You Weren’t Loved During Childhood


Children deserve the best in the world; but it’s not the toys, the holidays, or the material things that make children the happiest. It’s the unconditional love and care they receive from their parents. Sadly, whether intentionally or not, some parents do not express their feelings towards their children in a right or clear way […]