Family Trauma Survivors: 15 Personality Traits They ALL Share

Family Trauma Survivor

Is there a connection between personality traits and family trauma survivors? In the grand scheme of life, some individuals emerge as resilient heroes, navigating the complexities of family trauma with grace and strength. So Psychology Diary wishes to shine a light on the incredible journey of family trauma survivors, exploring the most common personality traits […]

12 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays by Yourself

holidays alone

Let’s set something straight: being alone for the holidays doesn’t necessarily mean you are unloved or that you’re failing at life. Connecting with people in person might be rough right now, and seeing loved ones, especially if they live far away, might not be on the table this year. As the holidays get closer, it’s […]

9 Manipulation Tactics (and How To Fight Them)

manipulation tactics

Psychopaths walk among us. Here’s how to fight their manipulation tactics! Individuals with psychopathic tendencies aren’t just the villains in slasher movies. They walk among us every day and look like normal people. For example, according to one study, a small but considerable portion of business leaders fit the clinical description of a psychopath. The […]

Are You a Perfectionist? 8 Signs That Confirms It

perfectionists traits

Do you have any of these perfectionist traits? A perfectionist has overly critical self-evaluations and high personal standards. These people accept nothing shy of flawlessness and insist on perfection. This can manifest as criticism of both oneself and others and in attempts to control people and situations. If you’re wondering whether you’re a perfectionist, chances […]

8 of the Most Unusual Phobias You Have Likely Never Heard Of

most unusual phobias

Which are the most unusual phobias that exist? Phobias can range from the common—such as fear of flying, heights, public speaking, or spiders—to the rare—such as fear of mirrors, walking, or chickens. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, specific phobias affect around 12.5% of Americans at some point in their lives. A specific […]

How to Spot a Sociopath: 8 Signs That Confirm the Disorder

spot a sociopath

Can you spot a sociopath? A sociopath is a term to describe someone with a severe form of antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). Sociopaths don’t have a fully functional conscience and tend to be exploitative, manipulative, or even abusive towards other people. While the terms sociopath and psychopath are sometimes used interchangeably, many psychologists argue that […]

8 Things Emotionally Intelligent People NEVER Do

emotionally intelligent people

We’ve all heard how a high IQ can help you traverse adversity and excel in life. But what most discussions about intelligence and success seem to often leave out is the important role of one other thing, and that is emotional intelligence. According to psychologists, emotionally intelligent people have a natural ability to recognize, manage, […]

Gut Feelings: Are They Reliable? And Here Are 5 You Should NEVER Ignore

Gut Feeling

We all get gut feelings sometimes…Should we ignore them? Have you ever gotten a strong feeling that strikes you in the pit of your stomach? You might be driving down a road, and suddenly, you get a gut feeling that you should turn left…And POW, you just missed a truck coming your way! Your gut […]

Uncomfortable Similarities: 5 Ways Putin Can Be Compared With Hitler


The similarities between Putin and Hitler are frightening… and the world is watching! As Ukraine enters another day of the war with Russia, the spotlight has been placed on Vladimir Putin’s mental state. Many experts maintain that the Russian leader acts on the psychological traits he’s had his entire life. Hopefully, history will not repeat […]

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