Uncomfortable Similarities: 5 Ways Putin Can Be Compared With Hitler


The similarities between Putin and Hitler are frightening… and the world is watching! As Ukraine enters another day of the war with Russia, the spotlight has been placed on Vladimir Putin’s mental state. Many experts maintain that the Russian leader acts on the psychological traits he’s had his entire life. Hopefully, history will not repeat […]

6 Smart Tips on Adjusting to Living Alone as a Senior

Living Alone

Are you worried about living alone as a senior? Growing old and living alone is one of the new dilemmas many Americans face today. More and more people seem to be living alone for several reasons. One could be that almost half of the adults in our country are single. Another is that people wait […]

8 Times You Should Say ‘NO’ for a Better Life


“Why does it seem so hard to say “NO”? ”  If you are a naturally positive person who likes being nice to others, you may say “yes” a lot of times, even if you don’t really mean it or want to do that thing. And because of that, sometimes you feel overwhelmed and like you […]

10 Signs Someone Secretly Has Feelings For You

someone, relationship

If we could live in a perfect world, we wouldn’t be scared or ashamed to express how we’re feeling. We would know for sure how to tell someone that we love them, without having feelings that are hitting us at the speed of light at once. Unfortunately, we live in the real world, which is […]

6 Of Hollywood’s Most Famous Love Triangles


We all know this already: dating is hard. We’ve been through it, we have experienced it and now we can honestly say that it is not the easiest thing to do. However, when it comes to famous people from Hollywood, things get even more complicated. That is because you are in the spotlight all the […]

10 Signs Someone Is Secretly Unhappy

Some people look so happy all the time, that it’s an absolute shock to discover that they’re dealing with a lot of negative feelings privately or they’ve experienced a tragedy in the past that left them traumatized, probably for life. Because the truth is, the saddest people always look the happiest, that’s why it’s important […]

20 Exciting First Dates Ideas That Cannot Go Wrong

Planning a first date can be very challenging since you probably don’t know a lot about the other person. Also, dating has changed a lot in the past 20 years or so, and relationships tend to end before they even begin. But I refuse to accept the fact that this is how it’s going to […]

11 Major Turn-Offs That Can Make You Less Attractive, According to Science


Making a good impression is not always easy, as there are a lot of factors that can affect attraction. And even though we might like to believe that we chose our partners rationally, the truth is certain superficial factors played a very important part. Therefore, if you find yourself in a situation where you have […]

22 Amazing Everyday Habits That Will Help You Look Younger

habits, relationship breakup

We wish there would be a magic trick to instantly make you look younger, but there isn’t. It’s the small, everyday habits that can make the whole difference. Aging is normal and we should try to enjoy the process as much as possible, however, sometimes it’s ok to forget about aging gracefully. Instead, you can […]