If Your Partner Is Asking You to Do These 7 Absurd Things, It’s Time to Leave

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Are you dealing with a toxic partner? Let’s find out!

We would all move heaven and earth to make our partners smile when we’re in love. But when does this become toxic, as opposed to romantic? Sadly, there are people out there that try to use and abuse the trust and affection of their partner.

They ask for things one at a time that seem small until they build up into a frightening crescendo of toxicity and emotional abuse that’s very difficult to break away from.

And even though you might think it would be easy to spot the tell-tale signs that it’s time to break it off, it’s not always crystal clear. This is especially true when someone has an emotionally abusive partner.

If your spouse tries to manipulate you, it can produce an atmosphere where even the biggest red flags in a relationship seem normal suddenly. Yet if you keep an eye out for red flags, you can start deciding if the connection is genuinely working out for you.

Here are 7 major things your partner should NEVER say to you!

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  1. Well life is real hectic now days . And some people will get caught up in materialistic value And they end up losing the race to rats and then caught up in ticking traps that they can’t fine to release lever back to reality.

  2. Had an affair an with the woman next door is my house when I was out and about. 67 yrs old! She is 42. We built this retirement home together
    In my house! Iam safely at my daughter’s home, waiting to serve him
    LIMERENCE is the sddiction.

  3. all true and being a bullie is what I exspierenced in my last marriage, monitoring every phone call complaining about a small item that didn’t have in front of company making me pay for almost all of groceries except a fraction, continuously pressuring me to buy the whole store out and go to the store daily Restricting who can come into the house. Putting on a behavior mask when people are around. I stuck it out for years not happy with the outcome. I finally reached my tolerance level and left after 16 years.

  4. First sign of an abusive relationship: They don’t want you to see or talk to your family and friends. They want you “all for themselves.”

  5. Wow, this caught my eye because I thought it would convince me to leave my husband, but instead, it convinced me that he should leave me. 🙁 Guess what, I hope he does what he should do, except, he will never read an article like this. 🙁 Not even if I asked him too.

    1. Instead of hoping for the split, or worse divorce, get ahead of it since you recognize it now. Talk to your husband about how you feel. Ask him if he would agree to help you make the marriage healthier by going to some marriage counseling.
      I know from personal experience, it’s easier said than done. I read this article for the same reason you read it. I’m wondering why, when I knew all these signs were there, did I get married? Was I foolish enough to think he was going to change, like he said he would?! Apparently so. 🙄

  6. “He” was controlled by his sister, I felt like I was living in a LMN Movie. She said bad things about me, then he got angry – he ended up going to jail, I made the mistake and dropped the charges,
    to make a story short, he is now living with “her”, I am still trying to get on with my life.
    Lesson learned.

  7. I appreciate this information. I am dating out of the seven they do one, which is not allowing me to share my relationship views. They say I ALWAYS want to argue. But I say if you answer the relationship question(s) to the best of your availability I won’t ALWAYS ask. I will keep asking until I get a satisfactory response.

  8. I really love this information. I am struggling in my 30 year relationship and sadly I am recognizing that all of these topics are happening in my relationship.
    But I never realized the severity of the problem. Thank you for opening my eyes.
    I am truly appreciative for all of this information.
    Now I need to do something about it.
    Im so tired of struggling to be happy

  9. The phone thing is plain wrong. If you trust your partner then you should care less if he goes thru your phone. I know this from first hand experience. My wife was having an affair so she always had an excuse why I didn’t need to go thru her phone. Then one day I answered her phone while she was in the bathroo. The advice should be. If your partner doesn’t want you to see her phone then it is time to leave. You don’t have to look at her phone because she obviously doesn’t trust you
    I agree trust is the most important thing

  10. I lived that life before and after the Pandemic. It was as a living hell. I had nowhere to go or a place I could afford. Therapy was too expensive. He kept tabs on me all the time. The only time I was without him was when I was at work. It is as my refuge. I eventually moved out but keep in touch with him. I can’t seem to let go and the same for him. Co-dependency is an crippling prison!

  11. I agree and disagree with the first one. In a healthy relationship, you should be able to have a passcode on your phone without your partner needing to have it but, there shouldn’t be a reason why they couldn’t see what’s on your phone either. My husband and I don’t have passcodes on our phones, but we also don’t need to look at each other’s phones. He could look at mine if he wanted to and vice versa though.

  12. This info is a tough pill… How it gets to the 7 signs is always unoticed… Eventually, you’re in too deep, suffocated + unhappy… Battling your way out is tiresome + expensive… I separated once and may need to again… This time far more challenges… Finding peace where I can until I locate the Best resolution…

  13. What to do when son in law threatens to see our family less or not at all unless we do….. or don’t do….. His perception of us is all wrong. He “sees” things that aren’t there and convinces my daughter that we are bad for her.

  14. lt falls under the better or worse category. Ask the higher power to relieve the depression in both you and significant other. Get yourself right first. You can see why therapy can be so important. Start asking the creator for help. It must be daily and then the reward is life giving.

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