7 Toxic Relationship Red Flags You MUST Watch Out For

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Are You Being Respected In Your Relationships?

It’s no secret that all relationships are hard work, and compromises will have to be made from time to time. However, there are quite a few things you should NEVER tolerate within a relationship.

We’re complicated beings, and while we might rationally know we shouldn’t be with someone for a particular reason, it’s not always easy to “just walk away” from someone.

Always remember that you’re worthy and that you never “deserve” damaging behavior a partner might inflict upon you. You also shouldn’t put up with a partner who makes you feel small or unworthy just so that they can build themselves up.

Any kind of abuse is likewise a big “No-No.” So if you’ve found yourself in a relationship that makes you feel lost or useless, it’s time to draw a line in the sand and create some necessary boundaries.

Continue reading as we discover the 7 biggest things you shouldn’t tolerate in your relationships.

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