4 Signs of Sudden Retirement Syndrome and How to Deal With It

Sudden Retirement Syndrome
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Sudden retirement syndrome is a serious matter!

While you would think that retirement would be a time when you finally unwind to enjoy the fruits of your labor, many have sudden retirement syndrome instead. Why does this happen, and can you do anything about it? Well, retiring is a huge transition.

And there are always unexpected emotions that seem to creep up on you. But that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your retirement, and it IS normal.

But unfortunately, experts say that about 25% of seniors aged 65 or older have some kind of mental health issue. Furthermore, suicide rates for men are highest among those 75 and older. Many are shocked to learn that retirement isn’t what they thought.

This can lead to sudden retirement syndrome, and they end up pessimistic, miserable, and suffering. There won’t be much to look forward to in the next 20 years unless you can get past this bump in the road. So how can you ensure your golden years are…golden?

Keep reading as we take a look at 4 signs of sudden retirement syndrome and what you can do about it!

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  1. Thank you for this information, which is timely for my family. My husband and I retired in 2022, and we are navigating the big social change and what to do with our time and the financial challenges together. Looking so forward to what the future will bring!

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