5 Signs Someone Has Bad Intentions With You

signs someone has bad intentions
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How can you spot the signs someone has bad intentions with you?

It can be strange to say that you can spot the signs someone has bad intentions with you since some may try to make you out to be more paranoid than you are, but it is better to listen to your instinct if you sense something is wrong. While we here at Psychology Diary generally believe in reason over instinct, we cannot discredit the fact that there are a lot of times when you have to trust your gut since you can sense something is off!

And this is the exact reason why we can sense when someone has bad intentions toward us and why we should listen to them! It may seem like you are overreacting, and in certain situations, it may be because you are exercising too much caution, but other times it is just one of the many signs someone has bad intentions with you!

From the simple feeling that someone does not have a good “vibe”, that they give you an uncomfortable feeling when you are around them, all the way to feeling like they go out of their way to insult you even when making jokes, we brought you the most genuine signs someone has bad intentions with you here! Keep on reading to discover them and learn how to spot that they are indeed not as good of a person as they seem to be!

Have you ever spotted signs that someone has bad intentions toward you? Let us know which ones they were and how you dealt with the situation in the comments down below!

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