7 Signs Someone Is Trying to Manipulate You

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It might surprise you to learn how frequently manipulation occurs in daily life. When you are looking for a new house, when you and your boss are having a disagreement, or when you and your partner are having an argument. These are instances when manipulation may take place. In order to avoid future conflict and tension, it is essential to recognize the telltale signs that someone is trying to manipulate you.

Psychological manipulation, which happens when a victim is used to further a person’s own goals, may show an emotionally abusive relationship. Compared to physical abuse, this might be far more difficult to identify.

As opposed to manipulation, in which one person’s interests or agenda are often given priority over those of the other, negotiation involves giving and taking.

Whether by a friend, relative, or romantic partner, being manipulated is not great. So, keep a close eye out for these clear signs that can help you recognize a manipulative person. 

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