8 Shocking Traits All Active Shooters Have in Common

Active Shooter

Let’s talk about the psychological profile of active shooters! The unfortunate reality is that mass shootings have increased significantly in the United States. The attack on Donald Trump hasn’t made matters easier, either. And with what’s happening all around the world, several studies have looked at the individual motivations and psychological traits that drive targeted […]

Betrayal Trauma: 7 Signs You May Have It Too

Betrayal Trauma

How Does Betrayal Trauma Work? Can It Be Completely Healed? When your partner or your parents violate your trust, you may experience betrayal trauma. It refers to the pain experienced after betrayal by a romantic partner, a parent, or a childhood caregiver. This kind of trauma not only influences your relationships with others but also […]

8 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship WITHOUT Realizing

toxic relationship

A relationship will pass through some stages, and after many chemical reactions and endorphins characterize the first one, the next stage will take place. This is the one that is going to challenge the bond and show if the two people go along well with each other long-term, not only in chemical terms. What distinguishes […]

8 Ways Negative Body Language Is Damaging Your Self-Confidence

Negative Body Language

Do you have negative body language? Have you ever walked into a room and instantly sensed someone was upset, even though they hadn’t said a word? That’s the power of body language, and it’s hard at work. It speaks volumes without having to utter a single sound. Body language includes posture, gestures, and facial expressions […]

Watch Out! 8 Shocking Habits That Fake People Share

fake people

Watch out! There are many fake people out there and you need to protect your peace! Sincerity is said to be the greatest policy, but what happens if you interact with fake people? They might seem sweet and genuine at first, but you have no idea what they think. According to experts, untrustworthy individuals tend […]

Stop Arguments Before They Start: 5 De-Escalation Techniques

Do you know how to stop arguments? Here are some therapist-approved methods Conflicts and disagreements are a part of anyone’s life, and experts tell us that this is perfectly normal. Indeed, it can get unpleasant, but conflict is also constructive and can help you strengthen your relationships. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to address […]

7 Ways to Set Healthy Boundaries With Your Family

set healthy boundaries

Do you know how to set healthy boundaries with your family? When you think about a happy and strong family, you probably think about a group of individuals who are offering support to one another and creating a lasting sense of belonging. But whenever people get so close, it is crucial, according to many experts, […]

12 Signs You Might Be a Highly Sensitive Person

Sensitive Person

Do you often feel overwhelmed by your emotions? You Might Be A Highly Sensitive Person! Studies have shown that just 20% of people have a hard time controlling their emotions and are considered highly sensitive. From a psychological perspective, the differences in personality and past experiences influence how we deal with our feelings. Find out […]

9 Signs You Were Raised by Narcissistic Parents


It’s incredibly challenging to grow up with narcissistic parents. They can show up as neglectful, emotionally distant, or even abusive, while their children may develop feelings of being inadequate because they struggle to meet the ever-changing expectations of their parents. “Love is conditional.” This is what they teach their children, leading to future struggles with […]

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