9 Things Men Would Like Women To Know

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It’s not a secret that women know better how to express their feelings, emotions, desires, and thoughts than men. But that doesn’t mean that gentlemen’s minds aren’t filled with all sorts of thoughts and sentiments. Unfortunately, some of them have no idea how to say them out loud, or others are afraid that they’ll come out as too sensitive.

However, we did a bit of research and we ended up on Reddit, where we found tons of messages left by men who opened up and revealed some things that they wish their women knew about them. And trust us, it’s too captivating to miss them out! So, ladies, if you want to get to know your significant others better but have no idea how to make them talk to you more deeply, here are all the things you need to know.

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  1. This is not just what men want, it’s what everyone wants. The need to be appreciated, treated with respect and love is not exclusive to men.

  2. My man only has 3 ways he prefers to spend his time when not working. Eating, sleeping or his phone glued to his face. Sitting in same room for hrs, can only get maybe a 2 minute conversation. That’s my 365 life.

  3. It’s hard for men to not think visually about a woman. Her body. Smells. Voice. Walk. Eyes. Legs. May look at other women. That does not mean he doesn’t love you. Just the opposite. Men are more visual. But, usually if the woman is gentle, speaks softly, takes care of herself, and listens. He is crazy about you.

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