Toxic People: 4 Ways to Deal With Them

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We’ve all had toxic people in our lives at some point…

Toxic people are always drawn to the good ones, and all of us have more than likely had a person in our lives who had us bending backward only to never truly get anywhere.

Their destruction lies in their subtlety and the way they can incite that classic response, “It’s not them. It’s me.” They can have you questioning if you’re overreactive, oversensitive, or even if you’re misinterpreting something.

If you’re the one who continually gets hurt or the one who is always adjusting your own behavior to not end up hurt, then chances are that it’s, in fact, NOT you, and it’s very much them being toxic.

Being capable of spotting a person’s destructive behavior is your first step in not letting them impact you. You may not be able to transform them, but you CAN change how you’re reaction is to them.

There are lots of things toxic people do in order to manipulate others and certain situations to their benefit. Here are 5 ways to spot toxic people and how you can manage run-ins with them.

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