10 Things Women Do Behind Closed Doors

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As you might already know, women are creatures who were not made to be understood. They are unpredictable, intelligent, funny, beautiful, hard-working, serious, and devoted. They have the capacity to hold a family together, and so many other things.

However, as much as they would want the rest of the world to know that everything they are doing is as effortless as possible, it is not true. There are times when they want to give off the impression that they can have it all, and that they are organized and have their lives all figured out.

We have talked to several women to find out that they are actually not as organized as they seem to be, and sometimes, they do things that men are not aware of!

Don’t worry, these are funny!

Without further ado, let’s see all the things you won’t believe women actually do!

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  1. Married at 16 co own a business with husband of 44 years run a household and I still feel I have done Nothing. I don’t get Heard. The feeling of not being able to get the point across that this is MY LIFE as well as it is everybody else’s life. I CRY behind closed doors.

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