10 Most Common Lies Cheating Men Will Say

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He’s supposed to leave for a business trip

For a while now, you couldn’t help but wonder how come to your husband had a new business trip he had to attend every single weekend. When you start complaining, he explains just how important the trip is to his career.

However, you should still investigate. Where is he going? Ask him to show you pictures of the place, and then call reception to check if he was really there. Also, if you have the chance, ask if he was alone or not, and don’t be surprised if he has an unknown family at that location.

He gets an “unknown” call

While you were together, he got an unexpected call from a number that you weren’t familiar with. As he couldn’t go outside to respond, he decided to make the conversation as brief as possible. After the call ended, he instantly knew you were expecting an explanation, and that he was supposed to tell you who called him.

Of course, he couldn’t tell you that his lover called, so he preferred to say that it was the wrong caller. But if your instincts are good, then you know very well that it’s a lie, and that another woman called him at the worst possible moment.

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  1. I don’t think spouses or lovers should be going through each others things. There’s such a thing as privacy. Just because your married or in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re privacy should be violated.

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