10 Most Common Lies Cheating Men Will Say

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He allegedly got pulled over by the police

Another common thing that cheaters do is blame the police for not being home on time. Sounds crazy, right? He explains that the reason why he arrived so late was that he got pulled over by the police, and they started searching his car but didn’t find anything.

Even more, he has the audacity to continue the story and explain how he was kept back for more interrogation. Basically, he crafted a story that isn’t true at all, just to hide the truth from you. This is one of the biggest signs that he’s hiding a serious affair from you, and it would be the right time to step up.

He’s going to the gym

Ever since you married him, he never expressed the wish of going to the gym. All of a sudden, he seems to be going to the gym on a daily basis. When he goes to the gym, he spends A LOT of time there. In fact, it’s like he works there.

If you suspect that the reality might be completely different, then you should find out which one of the gyms he’s allegedly visiting and if he really has a membership there or if he’s actually spending time with his mistress. Or, if he really has a membership at the gym, find out if he takes his mistress with him.

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  1. I don’t think spouses or lovers should be going through each others things. There’s such a thing as privacy. Just because your married or in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re privacy should be violated.

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