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Please remove my email permanently please and thank you. TZUN&(@COMCAST.NETM Felshttps://psychologydiary.comjmfelson@comcast.netUnsubscribe meNever subscribed. 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I constantly unsubscribe from them, but you keep putting my name back on them. PLEASE STOP THESE EMAILS!Richard Manninghttps://psychologydiary.comrwmanning@comcast.netunsubscribe me pleaseSomeone keeps subscribing me to these emails. I constantly unsubscribe from them, but you keep putting my name back on them. PLEASE STOP THESE EMAILS!Richard Manninghttps://psychologydiary.comrwmanning@comcast.netunsubscribe me pleaseSomeone keeps subscribing me to these emails. I constantly unsubscribe from them, but you keep putting my name back on them. PLEASE STOP THESE EMAILS!Richard Manninghttps://psychologydiary.comrwmanning@comcast.netunsubscribe me pleaseSomeone keeps subscribing me to these emails. I constantly unsubscribe from them, but you keep putting my name back on them. PLEASE STOP THESE EMAILS!Rebeccahttps://psychologydiary.comrebeccabrowning@yahoo.comWhyThe reason I unsubscribed is: I’m not gonna click theu 8 different pages to read an article. I just wanna scroll. Plus, it was very generic information. Mrysbryanthttps://psychologydiary.comvab2009@yahoo.conUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe memhttps://psychologydiary.comtascha5096@comcast.netUnsubscribe email Please discontinue emailing me; thank you. LVernon Russellhttps://psychologydiary.comlvr1214@comcast.netunwanted emailsPlease remove me permanently from all emails and. I unsubscribe over and over again and they keep coming! Thank you.Richard A Millerhttps://psychologydiary.comdmkm65@comcast.netsubscriptionplease unsubscribe me!Raehttps://psychologydiary.comrh59228@yahoo.comRe: Contributing/CopyeditingIs Psychology Diary hiring contributors /copy editors or photographers at this time? I can provide samples of my published work. Thank you, Rae rh59228@yahoo.comRenahttps://psychologydiary.comrena.larosa@comcast.netListTake me off your FUCKING listc. sayrehttps://psychologydiary.comchipps1955@comcast.netaddsstop sending me your adds ive tried many times to stop it no more Karen https://psychologydiary.comkalence@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEUNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALLRichard Ruhlandhttps://psychologydiary.comgerdick@comcast.netno longer interestedThank YouTroy M Measehttps://psychologydiary.comtroy.mease@verizon.netDelete meI've tried to subscribe from all these sites you are part of multiple times. I never subscribed to them in the first place. Please advise. This cat be legal (Amazon) .Debbie Carneyhttps://psychologydiary.comdebbiecarney@comcast.netRemove meUnsubscribe meCarolyn Longhttps://psychologydiary.comclong7@aol.comUnsubscribeI didn't ask for your emails and don't want them.Lynne Walshhttps://psychologydiary.comwalshlc@verizon.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe Deborah Uzmannhttps://psychologydiary.comdbuzmann1943@aol.comEmailThank you for unsubscribing me from the multiple sites. D myerhttps://psychologydiary.comdonnamyer910@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meDo not want this on. Insubscribe meYolanda https://psychologydiary.comycrossey@yahoo.comYES UNSUBSCRIBE MEUnsubscribe meSusan Cross https://psychologydiary.comscross4@twcny.rr.comUnsubscribe I want to be unsubscribed from all emails as if have checked off.Beth Howarthhttps://psychologydiary.combach810@comcast.netUnsubscribe RequestI have completed your unsubscribe form many many times now without sucess. I have once again today requested all emails to stop using your form and selecting all the sites and adding my email then clicking the unsubscribe button. Please stop all emails immediately! I don't want to be bombarded with things I am not interested in. Thank you.Sharon Chanhttps://psychologydiary.comsharonchan.tech@outlook.comQuestion about your websitesHello, This is Sharon Can we talk about your website designing and Promotion? May I have your phone number & best time to call?John Doehttps://psychologydiary.comrjm12@comcast.netImprove your siteFucking stop sending annoying emails. Melodiehttps://psychologydiary.commelburlew@adelphia.netUnsubscribe meI never asked to be subscribed to your emails. You spammed a really old email account and it found its' way to me. 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Feel this is harassment and I'm sick of it and want it to stopLarry Krauserhttps://psychologydiary.comlarrykrauser@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from all your mailingsLee Dombrowski https://psychologydiary.comlee1145@verizon.netUnsubscribe MePlease stop bothering me as I never signed up for for emails!!!!!!Ehttps://psychologydiary.comspursgirl@comcast.netTake me off your email listTake me off your email list for EVERYTHING. I always unsubscribe but it keeps coming from every single item you have. I do not want to keep doing this Frances Mainwaringhttps://psychologydiary.comfrancesgpmech@yahoo.comunsubscribenot interestedJackhttps://psychologydiary.comjckdesjardins@yahoo.comNoneUnsubscribe meSharon L Benfieldhttps://psychologydiary.comsharonbenfield@aol.comUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me to all emails. Thanks Sharon Benfield sharonbenfield@aol.comAmy Heilmanhttps://psychologydiary.comsunnycaamy@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meThe button is not visible. Please unsuscribe me to all of your publicationsKaz gonethttps://psychologydiary.comkazgonet@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscibeMarkhttps://psychologydiary.commeotero64@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease insubscribe from all. Judith Schaeferhttps://psychologydiary.comcbring0150@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribed Never requested to receive emailsELeanor Katherine Sylvesterhttps://psychologydiary.comkathysylvester@comcast.netYES, UNSUSCRIBE ME!!YES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME!!!Mhttps://psychologydiary.commariamc2@comcast.netSick of thisNo matter what I do to unsubscribe, you keep coming at me. Please STOP! Permanently!! I never asked for any of this. Should be illegal!Dale Rutterhttps://psychologydiary.comrutter.13915@comcast.netEmailStop sending me your CRAP! I NEVER ASKED FOR IT- AND WOULD NEVER READ OR USE YOUR ANNOYING MESSAGES!!!! Mark Carrollhttps://psychologydiary.comjoysmark@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEPlease unsubscribe my email address from all of your email lists. I have sent multiple requests in. 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Dddhttps://psychologydiary.comprincesses02@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Betty https://psychologydiary.comshadowbr@comcast.netWhy I am filling out this form I have unsubscribed multiple times from your publications, and yet you continue to send all of your garbage time after time. Please stop Brendahttps://psychologydiary.combakmiller@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me and send no further emails. John Anthony Shutwayhttps://psychologydiary.comjshutway@yahoo.comUnsubscribeRemove me from you list.Brenda https://psychologydiary.combadams0110@yahoo.comUNWANTED EMAILSI NEVER SUBSCRIBED TO YOUR NEWS LETTER I WATCH THE NEWS DURING THE DAY AND AT NIGHT I DON'T LIKE ALL OF THIS IN MY EMAILFrank Kanehttps://psychologydiary.comfjkane@comcast.netUnsubscribe PleasePlease unsubscribe me from all of your subscriptions, email lists, address books, etc. without further delay.Jeffrey Robertshttps://psychologydiary.comjefcat99@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meI did not request your subscriptions. I do not want them. Unsubscribe me from all your mailingsHolly Cablehttps://psychologydiary.comhcable@comcast.netemailsI have asked to unsubscribe multiple times from your site and continue to receive emails.PLEASE do not send me anything more. I am not the least interested in any of your sites or the information they provide.Kate Woodwardhttps://psychologydiary.comkatewoodward@comcast.netYour emailsI never signed up for any of your emails. They do not interest me.Kate Woodwardhttps://psychologydiary.comkatewoodward@comcast.netYour emailsI never signed up for any of your emails. They do not interest me.Steve Novakhttps://psychologydiary.com4Novs@comcast.netunsubscribeumsubscribeStewhttps://psychologydiary.comdredrocket@comcast.comRemove me from emailsDon’t want themTerryhttps://psychologydiary.comesonnaeb@aol.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe meBob klebosishttps://psychologydiary.comrklebosis@comcast.netUnsubscribeNot wantedBob klebosishttps://psychologydiary.comrklebosis@comcast.netUnsubscribeNot wantedLaTosha Brucehttps://psychologydiary.comdrlzbruce@yahoo.comClose this pleaseI needed to close this account.Alyson Hhttps://psychologydiary.comalihouse@comcast.netremove meHi I constantly fill out the unsubscribe forms and I am still getting emails. Please remove me from ALL your contact lists. Thanks!Levehttps://psychologydiary.comJudylx3@comcast.netUnsubscribe Yes unsubscribe meTomhttps://psychologydiary.comtommax3@comcast.netSTOP the emailsI have unsubscribed multiple times and the emails continue. Please stop the emailsJudyhttps://psychologydiary.comjudyk50@comcast.netUnsubsidized gPlease unsubscribe me for LIFE! I don't want to unsubscribe every 30 days Maria Grassihttps://psychologydiary.commariacgrassi@outlook.comTI’m not gonna fill this outbobhttps://psychologydiary.comhughesassoc@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribeNot My Namehttps://psychologydiary.comgarythebowler@aol.comNo SubjectUnsubscribe Me!Deb Burgesshttps://psychologydiary.comdaburgess@comcast.netSubscriptionI did not request this. REMOVE ME IMMEDIATELYDiana L Buntonhttps://psychologydiary.combunton8005@comcast.netUnsubscribeI have unsubscribed to all of these emails and still continue to get these annoying email. Please DROP me from all of these om the previous page Johnhttps://psychologydiary.comjs81213@comcast.netDoeNo more junk mail of any type KEN ROGERShttps://psychologydiary.comkenrogers914@comcast.netSPAMI NEVER SUBSCRIBED TO YOUR NEWSLETTER. SPAMLarry W. Archerhttps://psychologydiary.comltarcher@comcast.netNo EmailsEmails are of no value to me. Thanks.Stellahttps://psychologydiary.commylesewok1@comcaat.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me!!!Terry Gibbs https://psychologydiary.comtgibster@comcast.netUnsubscribeI do not wish to receive any of your emails. Greg Wallishttps://psychologydiary.combeauchar2@comcast.netunsuscribeno more emails pleaseMelanie Prehodahttps://psychologydiary.commelaniep318@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Patrick Sheehanhttps://psychologydiary.compatrick_sheehan@comcast.netWhy are you sending this to me when I unsubscribed several moths agoThis is blatant invasion of privacy. I unsubscribed to all these sites months ago and was crap free. Why are you sending me the same adverts again? I have forwarded copies of the previous emails and unsubscribe requests along with these new ones to the FCC.Michelehttps://psychologydiary.commelohsl@comcast.comUnsubscribeThe title of your email is irresponsible and cruel to those who suffer real mental illness and do not have the resource or tools to know that this is an advertisement. You should be fined and banned from using the title of “psychology” in anything you email and suggesting people are talking behind your back is just plain cruel!Annhttps://psychologydiary.comanniemcm@comcast.netCrapUnsciscribeNonehttps://psychologydiary.commiltk@comcast.nerUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me!Mark Rickersonhttps://psychologydiary.commlrickerson@comcast.netStopStop sending me e-mails pleaseA Munizhttps://psychologydiary.comcapricorn8@comcast.netsuscriptionI did not sign up for this, that's why I am unsubscribing.Evelyn Nagelhttps://psychologydiary.comeknagel@aol.comNoneStop sending these letters. I never signed up for them.Roseannhttps://psychologydiary.comrainyday17@comcast.netunsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from all areas of correspondence. James Garveyhttps://psychologydiary.comraduagarvey@comcast.netNever subscNever asked for your caca Andreahttps://psychologydiary.comandrea.auger@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE MEI did not sign up! UNSUBSCRIBE!! Kathleen Wilsonhttps://psychologydiary.comkathygene@comcast.netUnsubscribe meYES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME!!Donna Mirandahttps://psychologydiary.comdonnamiranda@comcast.netHave filled out to be taken off your list multiple timesPlease remove me permanently from your list. I continue unsubscribing multiple times yet will continually after some time get more emails. If this continues I will go to the Better Business bureau. This problem started once I subscribe to AARP. Please remove me!Sue Ramushttps://psychologydiary.comramussue@gmail.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me pleaseJennifer https://psychologydiary.comjrmuscha@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me from all kenhttps://psychologydiary.commarrappraisals@comcast.netdo not want your emailsdo not want your emailsMs. Deirdre Marlowehttps://psychologydiary.comdmarlowe@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE!Never subscribed!P. Cregut https://psychologydiary.compcregut@comcast.netUnsubscribeI am a widow. Why would you clutter up my e-mails with irrelevant messages? BTW, had a fabulous marriage.Jeannie M Mikulichttps://psychologydiary.comjmmikulic@comcast.netInundated with your emailsI hate all of the useless email and ads I receive from your company. They fill up my mailbox daily and I find it hard to wade through and find the emails that are necessary for me to read. Please make sure I am permanently removed from all of our platforms. Thank you.Mhttps://psychologydiary.comcatpowered@comcast.netStop sending emailsI have done the unsubscribe from your site multiple times. I continue to get a ridiculous amount of emails. From this point forward take my email address off of any list that you have or they would potentially send an email to me. I don’t want anything. Nothing.elaine rosnerhttps://psychologydiary.comelainer12@comcast.netpsychology diaryUnsubscribe me!Charleshttps://psychologydiary.cominvest44@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe from all emailsSusie Millerhttps://psychologydiary.comsuesrq@comcast.netUnsubscribe me!!Unsubscribe me!!Randyhttps://psychologydiary.comrandycapra@comcast.netEmailQuit sending me this crap. You guys are assholes. I would never do business with a company that uses these predatory tactics.Karenhttps://psychologydiary.comblinerak@comcast.netUnsubscribe meNot interested incemailsArlene Gandolfihttps://psychologydiary.comgram81@comcast.netRetiredI’m retired and old. Not interested in any of the emailsJhttps://psychologydiary.combencorn5555@comcast.netSpamUnsubscribe my email address Deborah Reekhttps://psychologydiary.comhikeit60@comcast.netPsychology DiaryI never recognize the email address from which this email is sent and therefore question its authenticity from the beginning. Also, these emails are not of interest to me. Yes. Please unsubscribe. Debbie ReekLouise McKenziehttps://psychologydiary.commacfour1@comcast.netEmailsI have tried several times to unsubscribe from your sites to no avail. I am not interested in any of your junk especially about divorce and all the other garbage. I never ever requested any correspondence from any of your sites . It’s so frustrating as you are well aware receiving crap you never asked. So please do as you said to improve you site, stop sending it to people who find them disrespectful. Remove me from all your contact lists please. Much appreciated.David Barrickhttps://psychologydiary.comd-barr@comcast.netSpam Fuck offSarahhttps://psychologydiary.comcollins-sarah@comcast.netUnsubscribe UnsubscribeEstellahttps://psychologydiary.comestellacastanedo@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meI don't want to receive anything from all the pages associated with your company, brand, etc. Thank you. John smithhttps://psychologydiary.comlawana.abernathy@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me!Maureen Ryanhttps://psychologydiary.commfkryan@comcast.netUnsubscribe Have asked for over a month to unsubscribe from all your emails. Everyday I get one. Please unsubscribe meVerna Trimblehttps://psychologydiary.comvtrimble@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL YOUR EMAILSUNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL YOUR EMAILSNunyabiznesshttps://psychologydiary.comspam@gmail.com“Improve your work”How about not sending your bullshit spam to people who never knew of your existence before your intruded their in box? Useless fucks!Mackayhttps://psychologydiary.commackay4030@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe meKaren Gervais https://psychologydiary.comkarenb0212@aol.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe tomhttps://psychologydiary.comtnelson12@yahoo.comUnsubscribeYou are sending your content to an e mail address reserved for personal e mail and cluttering up the mailbox. Please stop. Thankstomhttps://psychologydiary.comtnelson12@yahoo.comUnsubscribeYou are sending your content to an e mail address reserved for personal e mail and cluttering up the mailbox. Please stop. ThanksLouise M Orozcohttps://psychologydiary.comlouiseorozco@comcast.netREMOVE FROM LISTREMOVE FROM LISTJohn W Kleinhttps://psychologydiary.comrezu@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe meLinda A Lefevrehttps://psychologydiary.comlal9249@yahoo.comunsubscribeunsubscribeBonnie https://psychologydiary.comkariesmom1@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meNever asked to receive it. Unsubscribe me.Diane Smithhttps://psychologydiary.comdksmith224@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me please.Graciela Munozhttps://psychologydiary.comGracielamunoz21@yahoo.comOpt outNot interested Marlowe https://psychologydiary.comfootloosedj@comcast.netEmailsTake me off all your fucking emails lists!!! I never asked for your shit so don’t send it!!!Gloria Kunishhttps://psychologydiary.commglory116@aol.comunsubscribeToo many emails of junkKeith Gunnett https://psychologydiary.comgunnettenterprises@yahoo.comUnSubscribe Don't want addsJoan Loeckerhttps://psychologydiary.comjreaney07@comcast.netUnsubscribeI have unsubscribed you many times yet you still send me ridiculous emails. Please unsubscribe me immediately Paulhttps://psychologydiary.compaulbrown717@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribePam Gutierrezhttps://psychologydiary.compamgutz@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me nowJohn Drinkardhttps://psychologydiary.comjvdrinkard3@verizon.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meJasonhttps://psychologydiary.comsparkypie@comcast.netGET ME OFF YOUR SHIT LIST!!!I DIDN'T REQUEST YOUR SHIT! I DON'T WANT YOUR SHIT! STOP SENDING ME YOUR SHIT!!!!!Not applicablehttps://psychologydiary.comrtmulvey105@comcast.netStopStop sending me your emailsDiane Wadsworthhttps://psychologydiary.comwadsworth197@comcast.netDementia No longer neededR. Stockhttps://psychologydiary.comrobstock1@comcast.netStop the emails!!!!You guys are a real pain. I asked to be delisted and you never do it. I wouldn’t buy a toothbrush from you. Lorihttps://psychologydiary.comLORITERRY1@COMCAST.NETemailsI have unsubscribed - unsuccessfully - several times! I want you to remove this email address from all of your lists! I did not sign up for these emails, and I do not wish to receive any more.Deborah https://psychologydiary.combellinger551@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe meMurray Zwickel https://psychologydiary.comzwickel@comcast.netUnsubscribeThis is the third time I'm unsubscribing from your annoying emails and you don't seem to be getting the me message.Bricehttps://psychologydiary.comblr8610@comcast.netRUnsubscribe No longer want these e mailsJean A Bakerhttps://psychologydiary.comjjshdwfax@yahoo.comunsubscribe meunsubscribe me!W. Noblehttps://psychologydiary.comwnoble33@gmail.comUnsubscribe Yes unsubscribe meAllenhttps://psychologydiary.comallenrigg@cox.netspam emailsYou morons have no right to send me unsolicited emails. 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With a new normal consisting of almost daily headlines coming out about senseless shootings at schools, an ongoing war in the eastern hemisphere, a war no one wants, but yet thousands of innocent people are being killed and displaced, with politicians on both sides of the aisle perpetrating lies on a regular basis, and reports of people being pushed on subway tracks, committing suicide and being shot in broad daylight becoming matter of fact, you might think the world has gone a little mad. Yes, so many of us are buzzing with concern as we get our morning coffee and either travel like a herd of cattle to and from our jobs each day or slump behind our computers working the new ‘virtual’ normal of extremely long hours from home. So what IS truly happening out there? Without a doubt, society is in a state of flux, having become fractured, seemingly unthreaded at the seams, in a brave new world that, most would agree, has fallen into a state of disrepair. The mental well-being of all people is being assaulted daily, being called into question causing a systemic rupture in our societal norm unlike anything we’ve experienced before. So what can we do about it? While we live in rapidly transformational times, and continue to allow society to dictate who we should be — rather than who we choose to be — we need a call to action to stop the bleeding. And we need to make some major adjustments. It seems, more often than not, any slight bit of change within the societal-created paradigm, triggers confusion and fear. People are not machines, and yet so many of us are unaware that we merely exist rather than live, working like miniature ‘ants’ along the assembly line in this factory that is, for the majority of us — our working life. Some will argue this is all part of the scheme of things, the grand design, a superficial Terra-rium, infusing us with a constant torrent of well-thought out (dis)-information bombarding our senses, with the goal of creating a cognitive dissonance to sway our minds, our belief systems and influence our behavior. It’s a new normal that has conditioned us to a “you better get used to it” mentality that, any thought of returning to our authentic selves seems like an impossible nightmare. And even when we try, so many of us can’t even remember what being authentic, being true to ourselves, even means or feels like. Simply put, we’re in the midst of a psychological warfare on the masses, a manipulation of the senses, and those that control the narrative control the people, disseminating information and material at will, whether true or not, is of no consequence to those in control. Most of us don’t even have any consciousness of what is happening. At least, when you get sick, you know you have a cold. This is what makes the current breakdown of our mental health so disconcerting. Right now, you might say, the biggest pandemic to ravage the earth isn’t COVID. It’s humanity in its current state of existence. So when did life get so complicated? Ah life. It can be darn confusing trying to keep up with all its rules and regulations. It’s like a game of charades. We know the answer. It’s on the tip of our tongue. But we never quite get it right, living outward, rather than living inward. And here we are in May, designated in 2023 as Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental health. The state of mind referring to our physical and emotional well-being. The enablement of our being able to cope with the stresses and triggers of life’s extremes, it’s traumas but, also, it’s pleasures. Trauma does not discriminate; yet, how we choose to react to all that happens to us, makes all the difference in the world to whether we live a fulfilling life or not. Everything in life has an emotional root cause, and whether we remain bondaged to our trauma, wallowing in victimhood, or we take accountability for our lives, healing from the engrained trauma held within, is a choice. We always have a choice. Trauma is a lasting emotional response that often results from living through a distressing event. Rather than healing from a traumatic experience, many times we remain locked within this emotional ordeal denting our sense of safety, our sense of self, and our ability to regulate our emotions and to navigate our way through it. You might say that Covid was one such trauma, a global trauma. Its impact created a tidal wave of distress within an already fractured society triggering all sorts of mental health challenges. Whilst some of us handled it better than others, many succumbed. You might look back at all that occurred and ask yourself this question: which was worse, the actual disease or what the isolation it caused did to us? Its emotional impact left enormous side effects, and many traumas on a global scale, that millions of us are still battling to recover from. Its ripple effect of being cut off from normal interaction left many suffering from stress and neglect. It highlighted the ruptured society we live in, with all its rules and regulations we as a human race have had to adhere to. But to what end? It left us angry, filled with anxiety with many still suffering from its aftermath. It left us with a reality we didn’t want to confront — just how lonely so many of us truly are. A battle with depression that, in so many ways, is still affecting everything we do. The cost of living has tripled and, in some cases, quadrupled, which has caused many to buckle under the sheer pressure of how to make ends meet. It’s broken up families and friendships, with many re-evaluating their lives. But for some, it might’ve been the best thing that ever happened to them as this Covid clusterfuck caused a rude awakening for so many to take stock of what was truly important in their lives. To actually live life, and not sleep through it. To stop being swayed by the opinions of others, to stop conforming to a norm that just does not agree with the spirit of living a fulfilling and positive life. At the same time, it was also a tipping point for so many because it caused an unexpected change in their daily routines. And, that alone, upset the natural balance of this manufactured-society in its current existence, forcing millions to look at themselves, and ask the question: “So, what do I do now?” Trauma can affect both our physical bodies as well as our minds, yet we are our very own perpetrators, causing ourselves to become ill — an imbalance of love and light. The only way to break this cycle is to actively work on healing and releasing these traumas through mindfulness, self-care, yoga, meditation, journalling, therapy, or other avenues that allow us to reconnect with our true selves and nurture and heal our inner wounds. We must feel in order to heal, and it’s okay to feel the emotion that comes with it. The pandemic, in so many ways, forced us to deal with those feelings, for some, for the first time, maybe, in their entire adult lives. It was traumatic, and yet too many have been running from themselves and their problems for years. All transformation is painful, yet a leaf-eating caterpillar merely embraces change, becoming a honey-sipping butterfly; it has no choice. There were more divorces, domestic violence, theft, robberies, and on and on, than this society had seen in modern times. A self-discovery that caused so many people to, simply, freak out. Alas, it was a global reckoning of our state of being, and it has wreaked havoc on our mental health. So much so, almost five years since the pandemic begin, we are still struggling to recover from it. But it’s okay. Yes, it really is okay to admit, “I’ve got an emotional problem and I need to deal with it.” In fact, I’ll state it here emphatically, there is no shame in seeking help from a professional counsellor or therapist. In fact, I applaud those who do. Seeking a mental health counsellor could be the very step so many of us need to take to confront the assault on our senses that millions of us are dealing with daily. The admission of a problem is also the first step in remedying that problem. We must be willing to face our fears, stop blaming others, and take responsibility for our lives, for all of our experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly. By admitting to ourselves that things cannot remain the way they are, it is the beginning of self-redemption. We merely need to take the necessary steps to deal with our issues, and learn to forgive and make peace with our past. Seek not happiness without, but within, for happiness is an inside job, always has been, always will be. Trust me, as any therapist will tell you, beating yourself up has never solved anything. It usually makes things worse. If we continue to play whack-a-mole with our suppressed emotions, the more pressure we exercise on our own mental wellbeing, the more we will stay in that malaise. The hardest part of maintaining good mental health is our ability to discard the fuelled emotions out of those memories of past traumas and replace them with a new positive outlook on life. Yes, it’s not easy. But in order to free ourselves from life’s blemishes, we must be willing to look inward, face our demons and learn to forgive, both ourselves, and others, from simply bad situations we had no control over. For Mental Health Awareness Month, I hope we can truly be willing to appreciate the beauty in all of life’s experiences, learning from the lessons entailed within, finding gratitude in the moments we have been given. We need to recognize our own self-worth, making sure to take care of our own mental wellbeing, and be a believer that, as with time, patience, and practice, we can heal our wounds and become the best versions of ourselves. Like the seasons, everything changes and evolves. And that includes a thing called the human race. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Except, maybe, change along with it. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Change can be a good thing. Think of life like a movie. Our mind is like an endless film reel that produces its own storyline according to our mental input. Don’t like the story? Change your thinking, change the script, to change your life. At any point you have the power to edit your life and change the way you feel by making the necessary adjustments in the way you decide to deal with situations, including all that’s happened to you in the past. You are as much the problem as you are the solution to all of life’s experiences. Don’t dwell on the past, focus on the solution, and make the decision to think more positively to live a better life. We heal the world, by healing ourselves. Society does not change from the outside in, it changes from the inside out, giving birth to a new way of being, a new way of living. It’s really up to you. So, please, I say to anyone reading this —don’t waste life, or it will but all too gladly waste it for you. Yes, the world has gone mad in so many ways. But it doesn’t mean you have to go mad with it. ENDS Birgitta Visser currently has her book “Be-come-ing Authentically Me” available on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/BE-com-ing-Authentically-Me-Lighting-Inspiration/dp/1739638913Sue Arrowhttps://psychologydiary.commarciarrow@yahoo.comUnsolicited I never asked Lindahttps://psychologydiary.comlcanteel@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from your site and all related sites. I am trying to reduce the number of emails I receive. Thank you!Karen Corridori https://psychologydiary.comdoodlesattheboo@yahoo.comUnsuscribePlease unsubscribe me!Carole Murphyhttps://psychologydiary.commrschief48@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Take me off of everything you send pleaseYvette Quarfot Mulkenhttps://psychologydiary.comyqmullen@gmail.comI am mentally illI have been told that I have alcohol abuse issues. My mental health illness makes me a bully and I don't do relationships well. I have issues with my sister-in-law, neighbors, friends. I'm not able to keep friends for very long because I implode telationships due to my drinking.akravhttps://psychologydiary.comakrav01@yahoo.comYes, please DO unsubscribeCan't stand that disgusting political correctness any longer. The last straw was your using a pronoun THEY to refer to a woman's "partner."LChttps://psychologydiary.comlauragc123@yahoo.comYour articles are archaicTo Whom It May Concern, Your article, "10 Things Women Do Behind Closed Doors," is an outrageous insult to women. You describe us as if it's surprising that we have highly sophisticated, well-developed cognitive capacity. Your opening line denigrates women as it mentions, "They might surprise you with their wit, intelligence, humor, beauty, hard work, or seriousness." WHY ARE THESE SURPRISING? I would imagine it was a haughty, arrogant, low vibrational man who wrote this article. Why don't you roll out of your cave and get with reality? Women will never regress to this level of disrespect imposed upon us since time began. For the most part, men have done nothing but create war and promote divisiveness. It's women who bring true rationale and promote unification through reasoning, kindness, and nurturing. Btw, our female X-chromosome sperm is larger, swims faster, and lives longer than our male counterpart, Y-chromosome. From the moment of fertilization, we show greater capacity to outshine against males. Get a clue. Yours truly, An outraged female who represents the superior race.Lewisstarrhttps://psychologydiary.comldstarrlittledebbie@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Pamela Ferberhttps://psychologydiary.compamstertwo@yahoo.comComments by your requestPlease remove me from all your email lists. 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Please stop cluttering my inbox with unsolicited nonsense.Ken Bournehttps://psychologydiary.comekb403@yahoo.comEmail Don’t want Joyce Thompson https://psychologydiary.comjethompson1962@yahoo.comNewsletters I'm not sure how I got your newsletters, but I stayed subscribed to some for now. I watch carefully what emails that I open due to the many scams. Deborah Hewsonhttps://psychologydiary.comtabwyn@yahoo.comAbility to ReadI like reading your articles on my phone, but it gets really difficult. I can read the first part, but when I click to continue I’m confronted with a bunch of advertisements and cannot find the rest of the article. 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I DO NOT WANT ANY OF THEM.Stevehttps://psychologydiary.comsdsigmund@yahoo.comE-mailPlease unsubscribe me from everything.Frank loopley https://psychologydiary.comnewloop@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe Grady howardhttps://psychologydiary.comgrady5249@man.comSend all info to my emailThanks for signing me up!!Grady howardhttps://psychologydiary.comgrady5249@man.comSend all info to my emailThanks for signing me up!!Shelly J. Greensteinhttps://psychologydiary.comimagineshelly@yahoo.comcontentThis less than mediocre article shows your total lack of understanding on anxiety.Linda https://psychologydiary.comaldredlinda@yahoo.comUnsubscribe N/aDhttps://psychologydiary.comDEANMASXX@YAHOO.COMUNSUBSCRIBENOT INTERESTEDJames Winebrenner https://psychologydiary.compocketperfect@yahoo.comJunk mailNever send it!Janel Stephensonhttps://psychologydiary.comjanelp.stephenson@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I am not interested in these articles or advertising... 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Jennifer minghenellihttps://psychologydiary.comJennifer_pollack@yahoo.comUnsubscribeXxxxoooLuanne Barnes Staufferhttps://psychologydiary.comlbstauffer@comcast.netYes, Unsubscribe Me!Yes, Unsubscribe Me!Carol https://psychologydiary.comcarolboh13@comcast.netUnsubscribe me now UnsubscribeSally femalehttps://psychologydiary.comsjs.coolmom@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBEI NEVER SUBSCRIBED TO ANY OF YOUR SITES. I DO NTO WANT MY EMAIL JUNKED UPMatt https://psychologydiary.comjmcjfam48810@aol.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe my emails juliohttps://psychologydiary.comjuliomata@aol.comPlease Unsubscribe mePlease Unsubscribe me of this site and all affiliatesmohttps://psychologydiary.commobob@comcast.netunsubscribei never signed up for thisPC MONAGHAN https://psychologydiary.commrsmarinara@yahoo.comUNWANTED EMAILS!!!STOP HARASSING ME IMMEDIATELY!!!Walt Szczuka https://psychologydiary.comwszczuka@comcast.netdisagreeJust read your article about what a husband should/ should not say to his wife. It was enough to cause me to unsubscribe. As a happily married couple of 36 years we can absolutely say you're wrong on many accounts. You're opinion is welcome, but should not be hidden under the guise of what seems to be presented as a factual article. Lila Ahttps://psychologydiary.comthebeadedwench@yahoo.comI get the beginning but nothing elseI get the beginning topic and other readers reply’s but I don’t get the subjects body of the article. What good is it to leave out the most important part of the article? Keep it! I don’t wish to get partial information.Thomas Smithhttps://psychologydiary.comtsmith0328@aol.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me Mike McGintyhttps://psychologydiary.commtmcginty@comcadt.netUnsubscribe mePlease unsubscribe me from all your mailing lists.Gregory Pierpointhttps://psychologydiary.comtubes2222@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me from any and and all future email contact asapkayhttps://psychologydiary.comfiddlinkatie@aol.comUnsubscribe meI have nothing against your product, but I need to pare down my incoming emails.Michael D Stonehttps://psychologydiary.comMichaeld_stone@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Me!Unsubscribe Me!Lindahttps://psychologydiary.comlkj1955@yahoo.comTake me off your mailing listI never subscribed to this and I’m tired of it. My next step is to contact the Attorney Generals Office to report. This is downright harassment, I’m sick of this crap & if it takes me til my last dying breath…..This Will Stop! FAFO!!!! 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PLEASE STOPJennifer Herrickhttps://psychologydiary.comjherrick68@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Yes Unsubscribe meMelissa Woodhttps://psychologydiary.comdawgdayz@ymail.comUnsubscribe I never signed up for your newsletters and have too much junk mail, please unsubscribe.WilliamBaehrhttps://psychologydiary.comdancingbaehr@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me.Tamara Rhttps://psychologydiary.comitsmetamarar@yahoo.comCancelPlease cancel this subscription AND any other attached subscriptions. I didnt sign up for these. I've tried & keep receiving a 'failure' notification.Charles H Urbauerhttps://psychologydiary.comchurb1952@yahoo.comNoneNonePedro Sanchezhttps://psychologydiary.compedro.sanchez@didna.ioAdvertisingHello! I’ve emailed you a couple times about exploring a potential partnership between psychologydiary and diDNA. We help publishers generate more ad revenue through technology, access to demand, and our yield team. Would love to chat (This is a real human, not a bot or spammer!). 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natural remedies for anxiety emotional

8 Natural Remedies to Stop Anxiety

Did anyone say “natural remedies for anxiety”? When it comes to mental health, anxiety is something we often hear about. In fact, anxiety disorders seem to be the most frequently