6 Things Men Secretly Do (and NEVER Admit To)

Photo by Frank Fennema from Shutterstock

1. Sometimes they prefer to sit down when using the toilet

This ability has always been something that women have envied about men, but from time to time, you should know that men also prefer to use the toilet sitting down. Yes, it is true! Sometimes guys just want to sit when they need to answer nature’s call.

Maybe they had a rough drinking night, or they are simply not feeling well and prefer not to stand while doing what they have to do. Men also sit on the toilet when they don’t feel like they are in a hurry. Whatever the reason, we just wanted you to know that they do it too from time to time.

Jesse N. Mills, professor at the Urology Department at the University of California, Los Angeles, stated that this practice is also common in older men who have problems with their prostate. Since they can’t stand for long periods of time, they prefer to sit. In this way, things would be easier for them, and they would be more confident about the whole situation.

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