6 Things Men Secretly Do (and NEVER Admit To)

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4. Responding to questions with white lies

Did this ever happen to you? It is a Friday evening, and you and your partner are getting ready to go out. You get dressed and decide to ask your partner the following question: “Do I look good in this?” Perhaps we’ve all done that at some point, and probably your partner answered, “Yes, you look great!”

But does he really think that you look good? Is he telling the truth? The answer is that you will never know what he really thinks. There are many men who refuse to tell it like it is because they want to avoid conflict. They don’t want you to be mad at them.
The book Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?: A Man’s Guide to the Loaded Questions Women Ask discusses the most difficult questions that women tend to ask men. The questions that make almost any man feel instantly trapped.

The book analyzes all of these questions, and for example, “Do I look good in this?” actually means “Do I look lovely?” If you put things in this perspective, it is a lot easier to answer. The Man’s Guide tells you to confront the shame of your partner and tell her the truth. Don’t hesitate and confirm her loveliness.

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