10 Most Common Lies Cheating Men Will Say

lipstick stain cheat
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He has a lipstick stain and he doesn’t have a clue where it might come from

It could be a lipstick stain or the smell of a woman’s fragrance. When you ask him how he got that lipstick stain or why his shirt carries the scent of a woman, he could say that the stain comes from the lady that sat next to him on the bus.

He has a new credit card that’s allegedly “for work”

This should be considered a red flag if he explains this AFTER you discovered the card in his wallet. If you found a new credit card in his wallet that you didn’t know about, it might be a sign that he’s using his money to spoil another woman, which is definitely a sign of cheating. What happens if you confront your partner? Make sure you bring other proof, so you won’t sound like a fool.

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  1. I don’t think spouses or lovers should be going through each others things. There’s such a thing as privacy. Just because your married or in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re privacy should be violated.

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