8 Diseases You Can Prevent By Being Thankful

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Who knew that being thankful could help you prevent medical conditions? Believe it or not, real science and recent studies show that people who focus on the positive side of life and are thankful for what they have experience a lower frequency of these diseases. Even if it can be challenging for researchers to establish a true cause-and-effect link between gratitude and a specific disease, hundreds of studies have shown that practicing gratitude has many positive health effects, including lowering blood pressure, accelerating healing, improving mood, reducing inflammation, and lessening chronic pain.

So starting this year, we might try our best to be more positive and thankful because this will only bring us health benefits! You won’t believe how many illnesses you can prevent by being grateful, so keep reading the rest of the article by clicking on the next page.

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  1. I have experienced insomnia for many years, mainly because of stress. At some point I did write what I was grateful for and I remember it being helping. Somewhere along the line I forgot I had done that and your article reminded of that time. So, I will begin again and see how this works. Thank you so much.

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