7 Signs Someone Is Trying to Manipulate You

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It might surprise you to learn how frequently manipulation occurs in daily life. When you are looking for a new house, when you and your boss are having a disagreement, or when you and your partner are having an argument. These are instances when manipulation may take place. In order to avoid future conflict and tension, it is essential to recognize the telltale signs that someone is trying to manipulate you.

Psychological manipulation, which happens when a victim is used to further a person’s own goals, may show an emotionally abusive relationship. Compared to physical abuse, this might be far more difficult to identify.

As opposed to manipulation, in which one person’s interests or agenda are often given priority over those of the other, negotiation involves giving and taking.

Whether by a friend, relative, or romantic partner, being manipulated is not great. So, keep a close eye out for these clear signs that can help you recognize a manipulative person. 

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    1. So true, lately the complements are so often it’s sickening, I quite acknowledging them. My mistake today was taking him shopping with me and him telling me I didn’t need something. After 21 years I told him we’re pretty much through so on comes the 10 yr old brain he reverts to and now he is pouting. Wasn’t kidding, I am done

  1. My Husband has been Manipulating me for 20+ years.
    Hes not physical but he is Emotionally and Physiologically,
    been abusing me, and it’s very hard to get out of, I have
    anxiety from the abuse

    1. I left . Changed the locks. I just faced the consequences. Whether legal. Danger. Financial. It all worked out. It wasn’t easy but it’s the best thing you could do. Go for it.

  2. The biggest manipulator I’ve seen in Officer Micah Vehrs of the Logan Police Department in Utah. He also a malicious liar that gratifies himself by destroying the lives of innocent people. While interrogating his victims has asks the most fantastical and disgusting question to make his victim sound like a dangerous monster. For every question he “asks” he chooses one answer and will not agree to any other. He will keep pounding and pounding the same answer into his victims head until they either agree or stop talking. When they stop he’ll finally write that answer down that he pre-selected. Micah Vehrs is pure evil.

    1. Yes so many law officers are corrupt, just like the one you have mentioned some even abusing children. thank you for the real raw truth it takes guts and love for others to post facts about the laws in a negative light. People just assume the badge mean good help huh they victimize also. We have a sheriff on this block that has entered this house uninvited numerous times he had a key. the lawmen stated he is going to take this house for his son.

  3. So true. Could the person you describe be Socio paths. My husband seems to fit so many of the characteristics of a sociopath. He will get notions to do something, if it hurts another person, or breaks any kind of law or causes an inconvenience or makes another person wait because he puts if off, he is fine with all of that. It is always what he wants. Money matters are the worst. Lying is a way of life for him. It matters not, to him, if he lies. It’s a struggle, but I always forgive, not forget, but accept him back into your acceptance.

  4. Logan Utah police department sounds like a throwback to pre-millennial practice, when interrogations were not recorded. Once it became better understood that there are some police officers who do not respect the rights of accused, making recordings became standard. Surely the “evil” policeman mentioned could be caught and he would be looking for other ways to abuse people where he is not so protected by the thin blue line.

    Police work is really very difficult, and quite dangerous so that we need to be as supportive of the majority of police who try with substantial energy to do the right things, as we wish to be critical (and punishing) of those who step over the lines of laws and decency. Some aspects of good police work have a need to manipulate the public, both in rooting out the really substantial evil of some, and to encourage the good which can be found in most creatures (even humans).

  5. If you want something, whether you believe you deserve it or not, you will consciously or psychologically structure your actions and behaviors to achieve it…that’s human nature…but its our learned Civil, moral, ethical and ethos behavior we must follow… to be fair, kind and considerate of others that we must obey… because being honest and truthful, good or bad… are choices that we make, which will be dictated by the strength of our character.

  6. I feel that I am being manipulated by my friend guy. I really want to know. I really want to be with him but something is not right. Been seeing him off and on for about 26 years. Need the truth once and for all.

  7. The members of minority groups are also more susceptible to manipulation is just more leftist BS. the constant victimhood thing and then the writer adds the privilege crap the leftist use. The “minorities” are the privileged people. perhaps the writer is racist and see minorities as weak and helpless.

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