10 Reasons Why Assisted Living Facilities Are a Great Decision

You probably know your loved one better than anyone else, so deciding when’s the right time to consider support beyond what you can give can be a difficult decision at times.

If you are having a hard time getting your mom or dad the care they actually need, assisted living facilities might be a good option. As the studies showed, 7 in 10 Americans that are over 65 years old need long-term care.

Assisted living facilities such as Grand Oaks are ideal for seniors who really value their independence, but also need some kind of personal assistance with their daily tasks. Here are 10 benefits of choosing an assisted living facility:

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They’ll get personalized care

Assisted living facilities are customized to each individual’s experiences, and unique health needs, but also their personal preferences. Assisted living staff is familiar with each and every resident, which will help them feel more at home, get in touch with the type of support they need, and create the best environment for achieving that.

This could also include 24/7 nursing care, different types of medication administration, or even mood and behavior monitoring. It’s a more holistic approach that is entirely focused on the well-being of your loved one’s senior care. It’s definitely something to consider since their care and health always come first.

They will have hands-on assistance with daily tasks

Residents of assisted living places are independent in many different ways, so it’s important to note that the range and level of support needed might differ from individual to individual.

As your loved one advances in age, they might have to seek help when it comes to daily activities like housekeeping, transportation, bathing, dressing, hygiene, and even laundry.

Well, here’s where assisted living facilities step in. The staff always offers respectful, hands-on assistance with dignity. Maybe your dear one needs help walking or remembering things.

Whether your loved one requires help regularly or from time to time, there is an assisted living community that knows how to meet their needs.

They’ll be assured of safety and security

When it comes to caregivers, one of the top priorities on their list is to make sure your loved one is safe. When they reach a certain age when driving becomes dangerous, or you worry about their safety while they’re cooking for themselves alone at home, then it’s time to start considering moving them into an assisted living facility.

There are many communities like Grand Oaks, which are focused on creating a certain culture of safety. They’re very transparent when it comes to their staff-to-patient ratio, choice of compliance with procedures, training, and even skills, as it’s a community design that’s meant to prevent falls, but also to secure access and more.

Many apartments also have safety features that will instantly alert for help if required, plus much other responsive care and monitoring gadgets, especially for residents who require memory care.

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They will have all kinds of social activities and engagement to opt for

Harvard School of Public Health researchers recently discovered that older adults in America that have a very active social life might experience a lower rate of memory decline.

Usual social activities can prevent isolation and depression, but also improve the quality of life. Well, rest assured, there’s never a single dull moment at these facilities.

Many assisted living communities offer various daily, weekly, and monthly activities that are meant to keep the mind and body as healthy as possible.

Your dear one will definitely enjoy participating in such activities! There’s everything, from book clubs, weekly socials, participating in art therapy, and gardening, to life-enriching activities that will catch their interest, while meeting their wellness goals!

Nonstop access to healthcare facilities

As your loved one ages, you might want to consider 24-hour nursing care. Assisted living facilities to have proper healthcare on-site, which is based on a specific “aging well” model, targeted at physical, mental, and overall well-being.

For example, Grand Oaks have access to the on-site Johns Hopkins Wellness Program, which is a great program, but also direct access to Sibley Memorial Hospital’s emergency, aquatic, but also therapeutic services.

Your loved one will be able to access all that, without even stepping foot outside. This type of on-site healthcare access adds up to the care your loved one already gets.

They’ll live in a cozy, home-like setting

When it comes to the ideal home setting, nurturing and peace is the ideal goal. Your beloved should live in an assisted living community that FEELS like home.

The ideal ones are always comfortable, and calming, but also focused on providing access to different communal spots, outdoor settings, and many more.

Your dear one should also have access to the same luxuries and amenities they had at home, such as chapel services, a business center, a beauty salon, and many other things.

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They will still be independent and have a lot of fun

Even if advanced personal care is still available in an assisted living facility, your loved one shouldn’t access these services unless needed. Assisted living places will allow your loved one to live as freely as wanted, but also get access to all the included amenities and services that would make life even easier.

Maybe your mother or father has decided not to keep a large house. As they age, all those additional services might be needed. Try looking at the whole idea of assisted living as better than a retirement community, but less than a nursing home or even a hospital setting.

Your loved one will have the option of living as freely as wanted, with full physical and mental autonomy while being surrounded by an uplifting and positive community.

But also more free time on their hands

When your dear one agrees to move to an assisted living facility, they won’t have to worry about the usual chores, like housework or home maintenance.

Heavy cleaning, cooking, shoveling the snow, and even maintaining the yard are all activities of the past. Even more, if your loved one has been struggling for a while to perform any of these, the hassle-free benefit of assisted living will surely take the pressure off their (and your) shoulders!

Various nutrition and dining options 

Assisted living meals are made accordingly for senior health and nutrition. Talented executive chefs cook meals that aren’t only rich in nutrients, but they’re also packed with a ton of fresh, healthy ingredients.

Not to mention the dining experiences! At most assisted living facilities, the residents choose their seating, but also their mealtimes, and menu preferences. They eat exactly WHAT they want WHEN they want. The menu is loaded with tasty options that rotate on a daily basis.

And what’s most important, they’ll have peace of mind

Did you know that studies proved how family caregivers experience more stress, which can ultimately take 10 years off their life? Well, as a caregiver, haven’t you experienced at least once in your life episodes of depression, poor eating habits, unwanted health complications, and even financial strain?

On top of that, one of the biggest benefits of assisted living is peace of mind. When you know for sure that your loved one is safe, you can stop worrying 24/7 about their well-being.

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  1. I really appreciate you talking about how assisted living can help an elderly parent become independent. I feel like this is something that my father would really enjoy since he’s always been the kind of person who hates feeling helpless. Once I find an assisted living facility in the area, I’ll definitely help my father settle in for sure.

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