4 Best Ways to Connect With a Deceased Loved One

connect with a deceased loved one
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Have you ever wondered if there are ways in which you can connect with a deceased loved one?

When it comes to wanting to connect with a deceased loved one, it seems like it is one of the hardest things to do. This is especially true if you pay attention to everything that people have said about grief in the last few years, which is very concentrated on getting closure, accepting the facts, and moving on.

However, grief is not one-size-fits-all, and we all have our ways of both going through this process and analyzing how we want to move forward. It is also the case that while we will not leave the mourning process to consume us, we may want to feel like we can connect with a deceased loved one even after they have passed. And this is something that has been known to be part of a healthy way of grieving for years.

Connecting with a deceased loved one through new means as they are no longer around us is actually a great and healthy way of grieving that will help you gain some peace while also managing to honor the memory of your loved one!

If you are curious about the ways in which you can connect with a deceased loved one, keep reading!

How did you go through a mourning period? Have you ever tried to connect with a deceased loved one? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Your article was so spot on. I found everything you mentioned to be so comforting in dealing with my husband’s death. We met when I was only fourteen and married after college. The grief was so overwhelming I just wanted to die myself. But what helped me the most was I kept his urn at home. It made all the difference in helping me move forward. I asked him on his death bed if I could cremate him and take him with me wherever I go. He could not see or talk but he squeezed my hand in approval. I was inconsolable for so long and today I feel so thankful that we had all those years together. Grief is a journey to gratitude. I feel totally connected to my husband still and thoughts of him make me smile now! You never really lose a loved one, they are still with you always!!

  2. Yes I have and I have been Validated by my Spiritual Advisor. I’ve heard from my Daughter on numerous occasions. My Spiritualist saved my life along with Spirit, Father God and Mother God Azna. It will be 13 aching years this April that my Sami crossed over . She connects with me with Yellow Butterflies and Yellow Flowers. 💛

  3. I want to know more about connecting with a love one. mama died in 1994, I ALMOST DID NOT MAKE IT. if it had not been far my 15 year old son , i would have just died. i wanted to . she has been dead 30 years, i cannot get over it. my son is 45now, has 3 of the most beatiful , sweet children i have ever seen., I HAVE A GOOD HUSBAND, but i still cry in private, because i want my mama. sometimes i fill like, she is in the house with me, when i am alone.my husband thinks that is just crazy. pleaseshare something with me that i can talk to mama again.

    1. I lost my mom dec 2017 and have dreamed nearly every night since about her. I want my mom so badly I feel like I can’t go on sometimes. I am seriously disabled so lived with her a good part of my life. She was with me when both my kids were born, she helped raise them. I told her everything. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing her and completely lost it when I did. Not a single day goes by I don’t think about wanting her here. I wish I knew of a way to handle this too.

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