Aging Alone: 8 Tips for a Happy Ever After on Your Own

Figuring out how aging alone works should be a priority for anyone. No matter if you are just feeling lonely or living a solitary life, learning how to be happy on your own is something that will completely change your life and your levels of well-being.

While everyone feels alone at times, learning to embrace a bit of solitude could turn your days from good to exceptional. Yet it’s important to keep in mind that it’s normal not to be okay from time to time. It is fantastic to have good days, but sometimes you will have days that are not great, and this is completely normal.

Let’s see some tips that can help you with aging alone and being happy all along. It’s about what you choose and your contribution to the world we live in.

Are you lonely… or just alone?

These two terms are pretty common when people talk about aging alone, but do you know that there is a difference between them?

When you are alone, it means that you lack the company of other peers. On the other hand, when you are lonely, you miss that connection, and you feel isolated even when you are in the company of others. Being alone may be a neutral condition. People might be content being alone, yet there are moments when they need emotional connection with others.

But even if you are happy and content while you are alone, you should still keep an eye on this. Sometimes loneliness can appear, and you should know how distressing that can be for you.

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1. Mindfulness

You’ve heard this everywhere, but you need to be aware that mindfulness is truly working and that it can help you with aging alone.

Spend five to ten minutes meditating every day to focus on yourself. Experts advise paying attention to how you’re breathing and what’s happening at the moment. Embracing solitude as a benefit rather than a problem might change one’s outlook.

2. Do something creative

If you used to have creative hobbies such as journaling, painting, gardening, or playing an instrument, now is the perfect time to pick them up again. Or if you’ve never tried something like that, now’s your time.

Investing your time in a hobby can be a good way to get that dose of self-fulfillment that we are all searching for. Also, the fact that you can creatively express yourself is, for sure, one way to better discover yourself. Picking up a hobby can make aging alone less scary than it might seem.

3. Try a tech break

Today, technology is everywhere around us. You have a smartphone, you have a smart TV, and maybe you also have Alexa. But have you ever felt that all of this technology is making us more disconnected from reality?

What you can do to feel like you are living in the present moment is to take a break from technology. That means spending as little time as possible on your PC or phone. This will make you feel more grounded in reality and, in the end, help you with the process of aging alone.

When you want to enjoy alone time, being present in the moment is one of the best things you can do.

4. Question the narrative

This one may sound difficult, but it is really not. Maybe you are not scared of aging alone, but you are by the idea of it, which is badly depicted almost anywhere you can look.

Nobody wants to be that old person who has no friends or family and has to spend the rest of their lives all by themselves. But things are not like this, and if you are alone for a big chunk of your time, this doesn’t mean you are living an unfulfilling life.

You are the one who gives meaning to their life, and you can transform this alone time into something that will give you an advantage. This can be a time when you can reflect on life and what it means, and always remember that if the story you are living is not what you are looking for, you can change it anytime you want. Just don’t be scared of doing so.

5. Be active

Did you know that a simple 20-minute walk outside can elevate your endorphin level? When you get more endorphins, you also get more happy, and if it is this easy to boost your happiness, then why not do it?

Just go outside and move around. You can go by yourself, or if you have a dog, take him outside for a walk. Try to avoid sitting for too long. Studies show that sitting for even two hours will reduce the oxygen in your brain by 10%.

Make it a goal for yourself to be active for at least 30 minutes per day, and you will surely see that your mood will also improve. This is especially true if you are aging alone, and you might be drawn to stay inside your home for long periods of time.

6. Build a routine

Having a routine is more important than you might think, and this is even more true if you are aging alone. A routine can be a stable point in your life that can help you recognize patterns. If your brain gets used to this, you will feel more in control and, in the end, happier.

Try to make this routine a healthy one by incorporating more hours of sleep and healthy meals. The key is to do things at the same time every day. Eat at the same hours, bet at the same time, and so on.

At first, it might seem difficult, but after you get used to it, your life will be changed. Keeping a routine is one of the healthiest habits you can develop.

7. Acts of service

Volunteering is a great way to feel less alone and a perfect chance for you to meet some new people and eventually create some meaningful connections. If you are aging alone, you should really try to find out how you can volunteer in your town or city.

Volunteering to help with outdoor or environmental initiatives is a fantastic opportunity to share time with others while maintaining one’s connection with the outside world.

Helping others not only improves your life but also improves brain function and boosts the production of neurotransmitters that make you feel good in your brain.

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8. Go out on a date with yourself

You’ve heard this right! Get out of the house and take yourself on a date. Maybe you think this sounds strange, but according to many psychologists, this is a good way to treat yourself and enjoy some time by yourself.

It can be anything from a well-deserved vacation to seeing a movie that you like. Always make time for yourself in your routine. As we said before, a routine is something that you build over time, and if you keep treating yourself from time to time, this will become a habit.

This book is amazing, and it can help you build your mindfulness routine: Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life

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