25 Questions Everyone Should Be Able to Answer About Their Partner

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, and most newly-couples spend the beginning of the relationship getting to know each other better and talking about everything. After a while, you manage to know the other person better and really understand how they are as a person.

Being in a relationship means spending a lot of time with your partner, so it’s natural to know them better than you know yourself, especially when we talk about long-term relationships.
A lot of people tend to assume that they know their significant other very well, but sometimes they’re not paying attention to the other person’s actions. However, learning to share and get to know the other person better could make a strong relationship even stronger.

From the basic things like the color of their eyes to their favorite dessert, their pet peeve, and whether or not they’re allergic to something, there are a lot of things everyone should know about their partner.

If you feel like you would fail a few rounds at The Newlywed Game, there’s no better time than now to make sure you know everything there is to know about your significant other, so don’t hesitate to ask them whatever is on your mind.

Read on to discover the 25 questions that everyone should be able to answer about their partner!

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1. What food your partner hates?

A thoughtful partner should know their partner’s likes and dislikes when it comes to food. While it might be hard to remember all the foods they like, it is certainly very important to remember what they absolutely hate.

Besides the fact that you’ll show them how much you care by remembering all the foods they hate, you’ll also avoid a lot of future arguments since you won’t be cooking them. A lot of people can feel judged based on the foods they don’t like, whether it’s for health reasons, moral concerns, or simply preference.

That’s why being aware of your partner’s likes and dislikes could contribute to a healthy relationship. So make sure you’re not adding tomatoes to your partner’s salad if you know they hate them!

2. Is your partner allergic to anything?

According to OUT, being in a serious relationship means knowing everything about your partner, including whether or not they’re allergic to something. Knowing these details about someone is very important for their health and well-being, even when we’re talking about a mild allergy to peanuts or something more dangerous such as an allergy to a bee sting.

This will help you be prepared for a potential allergy reaction and know how to react to it and what to avoid. For instance, if your partner has a mild allergy to strawberries, you won’t include them in their dessert anytime soon.

3. What’s your partner’s blood type?

Another important detail you need to make sure you know about your partner is their blood type, according to an Oprah article. While you might never have to use this information (if you’re lucky) it’s still important to know. This could be a lifesaver if they end up in the hospital and need a blood transfusion.

4. How do they feel about marriage and children?

Another very important aspect of a relationship is to know how the other person sees the important aspects of life, including marriage and children. After all, it’s vital to know where you two stand.

While you might want to get married one day and have a big family, maybe your partner doesn’t want to be a parent anytime soon, or maybe ever. That’s why you need to make sure you’re on the same page.

These topics should be discussed from the beginning of the relationship, so you know what to expect. If they tell you from the beginning that they never plan to get married, and you know you want that in the future, you’ll save a lot of time and tears by choosing to move on.

Also, this will help you understand if your relationship is going in the right direction, if you want the same things, chances are you’ll get along very well.

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5. What does friendship look like to your partner?

Another very important thing you should know about your significant other is how friendship looks through their eyes, according to SELF. How close is your partner to their friends? Do they talk on the phone for hours or do they prefer texting?

Also, is your partner the kind of friend that likes to take a big annual trip with their BFFs? Or they’re more into frequent gatherings, including dinner or other intimate gatherings. Knowing these aspects about your significant other will help you understand who they are as a person, and whether or not they need some alone time to spend with their best friends.

While some people like to include their partners in all their plans, others might still want to have the opportunity to spend quality time with their friends without their significant other.

6. What’s your partner’s dream vacation?

Your partner’s dream vacation will reveal a lot about who they are as a person. It’s even better when you like the same things and you can add that trip to the Bahamas to your bucket list. Or, you can surprise your partner with a 7-day vacation for your anniversary.

But for that, you need to make sure you know what they like. Maybe they prefer city breaks, when they can visit certain places and walk for hours and hours, maybe they love quiet, relaxing vacations where they can just lay on the beach they and get a nice tan, or maybe, they’re more adventurous and prefer a trip to the mountains where they can hike and enjoy the scenery.

This will help you surprise your partner with the perfect vacation, whether we talk about a romantic getaway or a more adventurous trip with a large group of friends. Also, this will help you understand if you’re compatible.

7. Who’s their celebrity crush?

While you might not like when your partner is talking about other people of the opposite sex, let’s face it, we all have that one celebrity crush and wish to get to meet them one day. Knowing which celebrity is your partner’s crush will tell you a lot about them.

If they don’t have a celebrity crush or you don’t want to hear about it, chances are they still have a dream guest, dead or alive, they would choose no matter what. In fact, knowing these things about your partner could help bring you two closer, even when it might seem unimportant at first, according to Psychology Today.

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you could always ask them, it will certainly be an interesting topic to discuss. So now it’s up to you whether you ask them about their celebrity crush or a famous person they would love to have dinner with if they had the chance. Make sure to share who’s on the top of your list, as well.

8. What is your partner afraid of?

An OUT article has shown that most people know what their partner is afraid of, including nyctophobia (extreme fear of the dark), acrophobia (extreme fear of heights), arachnophobia (extreme fear of spiders), or other existential fears including fear of failure, gamophobia (fear of commitment/marriage) or others.

It’s important to know what your partner is most afraid of, and vice versa, in order to be able to seek and offer comfort. Offer them a shoulder to cry on just in case a great fear rears its ugly head.

9. Does your partner believe in God?

While religious beliefs don’t always have to align in order to have a happy relationship, for some people this is quite an important criterion. In fact, religious orientation, faith, or the lack of it could be a huge deal-breaker for some people.

This is definitely something you should know about your partner before getting married. Maybe they were raised with a particular set of religious beliefs, or they found faith later in life, either way, it’s something you should talk about with your significant other.

It would be ideal to have this discussion at the beginning of your relationship just to know where you two stand and whether you’re compatible or not. If you don’t care very much about this aspect then you’re good to know. But when you’re a very religious person, you might want someone that shares your beliefs, especially when you have long-term plans for the relationship or plan on having kids together.

According to Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., relationship expert and author of 5 Simple Steps To Take Your Marriage From Good To Great, make sure you ask yourself the following question: “If you plan on someday having kids, would either of you be adamant about raising them in a certain way?”

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10. What’s your partner’s career goal?

Another very important aspect you should know about your partner is their career goal, both short and long-term, according to Business Insider. Knowing your partner’s future career goals will help you understand them better, but you’ll also manage to have a more profound insight into their interests and needs.

As Holly Parker, practicing psychologist, Harvard lecturer, PhD, and author of ‘If We’re Together, Why Do I Feel So Alone?’ has explained, “An awareness of your partner’s career goals gives you a glimpse of their dreams and aspirations, which can not only help you know your partner better but also provide you with another gauge of your compatibility.

11. What’s your partner’s way of saying ‘I love you’?

People are usually saying ‘I love you’ through actions, so even when you might want to hear these three words more often, it’s important to understand that actions speak louder than words.
According to Babble, your partner’s way of showing you how much they love you is very important for the well-being of the relationship. In fact, SheKnows has explained that there are five love languages you should pay attention to, including words of affirmation, gifts, quality time, physical touch, and acts of service.

Maybe your partner is the kind that brings you flowers for no reason or buys you something they think you might like every time they have to go to the mall. Or, your partner might be more into giving you kisses, hugs, and touching you constantly.

But no matter how your partner chooses to show you how much you mean to them, it’s important to understand their love language and see the meaning behind these gestures. Flowers aren’t just flowers, it’s their unique way of saying ‘I love you’ without using words.

12. Does your partner like to cuddle when they sleep?

For a lot of people (especially men), this is a big no-no. Whether it gets too hot or too uncomfortable, some people don’t like to cuddle while sleeping. But there are also those that cannot fall asleep without feeling their partner’s touch.

It’s important to understand which category does your partner falls into, is he/she a cuddler? Also, body language reveals a lot about a person and shows someone’s true emotions. But at the same time, it could also be a matter of preference and comfort, so don’t feel bad if your partner is not a cuddler.

But it’s important to know whether they want their space at night or they prefer cuddling with you, so you know how to act. Did you know that cuddling while sleeping is actually good for your body?

While cuddling, your body releases the hormone oxytocin that will help you bond with your significant other. Additionally, oxytocin is also known to relieve pain, boost your immune system, and relieve stress.

13. Does your partner share the same values as you?

A successful relationship can’t be built when you don’t have things in common or don’t share the same values. Therefore, it’s important to know whether your partner’s values match up with yours.

We’ve talked about religion already, but it’s also worth mentioning things like family, whether they want children or not, and politics. Sharing the same values is a very important step towards a long-lasting relationship while having conflicting ideologies could contribute to a lot of relationship fights in the future.

According to Jane Greer, Ph.D., relationship expert and author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship, sharing the same values is vital in order to avoid feeling blindsided when your partner is willing/unwilling to do something regarding your shared goals.

14. Does your partner love or hate their birthdays?

There are definitely two main categories when it comes to birthdays, there are those people that absolutely love it, and those who hate it, there’s no in-between. A perfect combo is when you’re both on the same page. If you love birthdays, you need a partner that loves to arrange surprises for you, just like Lily and Marshall from ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

But it’s also essential to know whether they love their birthday or not so you’re not throwing them a big surprise party if they hate this day.

15. What relationship your partner has with their family?

It’s important to know what relationship your partner has with their family and how they feel about it, according to an OUT article. For instance, some people are very close to their families and have a very strong bond.

They visit their families all the time and talk for hours on the phone to catch up. However, there are also those people that are somewhere in between. They’re not very close but family is family, so they talk occasionally on the phone just to see how they’re doing.

This important detail could tell you a lot about your partner and you’ll also know from the start where you’ll be spending the holidays each year. Moreover, you won’t be surprised when your significant other is ignoring their mother’s calls.

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16. What’s your partner’s biggest sexual fantasy?

While a lot of people find this topic awkward to discuss, it’s definitely something that can bring you two closer, according to sex counselor Michael Castleman. Also, your partner can’t read minds, so if you want your fantasy to become true, you need to make sure you’re talking to them about it.

Talking about this topic is also a sign that you’re trusting your partner and you’re in a healthy relationship where you can discuss anything, inside and outside the bedroom.

17. What’s your partner’s ideal date night?

In order to keep the flame alive in a relationship, it would be helpful to surprise your partner with a date night once in a while. However, in order to have a successful date night, you need to know your partner very well and understand their idea of having fun.

While you might enjoy relaxing and intimate date nights, your partner might prefer something more fun and adventurous. In order to make every date as fun as possible for both of you, you need to make sure you’re discussing this topic with your partner and try to find activities that work for you and everyone involved.

18. What’s your partner’s favorite song?

The music you listen to and the songs you like say a lot about your personality explained social scientist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. When you’re in a relationship with someone that shares the same music taste as you, chances are you found your perfect match.

But even when you have different tastes in music, knowing your partner’s favorite song could show them how much you care, especially when you lift their mood by choosing to play that song.

19. What are your partner’s lifestyle habits?

As previously mentioned, it would be great for the relationship if you and your partner have things in common. However, some couples are happily married even when they have mismatched habits. For instance, while you might love to spend a lot of time at home, watching Netflix and cooking all day, your partner might want to go out all the time and do a lot of fun activities.

While that doesn’t have to be a problem for the overall relationship, it’s still important to understand your partner’s lifestyle habits and know in which category they fall on. Of course, things will be easier when you share the same habits (eating habits, exercise, lifestyle).

20. What’s your significant other most grateful for in this life?

Knowing what your partner is most grateful for is very important, according to a Psychology Today article. I’m sure you’re secretly hoping that the thing your partner is most grateful for in this life is you, and maybe it is.

However, knowing the answer to this question could help you understand your partner better and help you improve your relationship. A study conducted at the University of Georgia has shown that being grateful in a relationship/marriage is key to a long-lasting partnership.

So even when you’re grateful for each other, so there are a lot of other things on your list, being grateful is an important aspect of our everyday lives.

21. What are your partner’s medical needs and wishes?

Another important question you should be able to answer in case of an emergency is about your partner’s medical needs and wishes. While it’s definitely not a very fun topic to discuss with your significant other, it’s still a discussion worth having.

If something bad happens, an accident, for example, it’s important to know what your partner would want and make sure to keep your promise if they’re not able to speak for themselves. Even though it’s not something you want to think about, it’s still important to know how to act in these kinds of situations.

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22. What’s your partner’s favorite dessert?

Knowing your partner’s favorite dessert is important, especially on those days when you feel like surprising them with their favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream after a bad workday. Or, if your partner is crazy about your homemade strawberry cheesecake, it would be nice to surprise them once in a while with that delicious cake.

Knowing their taste is a good way to show them that you care and a good indicator that you pay close attention to the details as well.

23. What’s your significant other’s most treasured memory?

A Psychology Today article has shown that one of the most important things in making a relationship thrive is knowing your significant other’s most treasured memory. For some, it’s something that happened in their childhood, for others it can be a sports event they attended with their family while others treasure the moment they met their now-partner.

Sharing those moments with the person you love can help you bond, but it’s even more important to create new memories together as a couple.

24. What’s their favorite color?

While this is such a basic question, a lot of people do not think it’s very important to know their partner’s favorite color. It’s still important to ask them about it, but in some cases, you might tell by just looking at them.

If they have a lot of blue T-shirts, their car is blue, or they painted their walls in the same color, chances are you don’t have to ask them anymore. Knowing your partner’s favorite color will be very helpful when you’re trying to buy them a gift. It will definitely make your task easier.

25. Is romance important to your one and only?

While real-life relationships are far more different than what we see in romantic movies, you still need a little bit of romance in your life in order to have a happy, long-lasting relationship.

According to psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith, a relationship is more than a grand gesture. In fact, the little things are more important, he added. That’s why it’s important to find out what your partner loves and values in a relationship.

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