Uncomfortable Similarities: 5 Ways Putin Can Be Compared With Hitler

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The similarities between Putin and Hitler are frightening… and the world is watching!

As Ukraine enters another day of the war with Russia, the spotlight has been placed on Vladimir Putin’s mental state. Many experts maintain that the Russian leader acts on the psychological traits he’s had his entire life. Hopefully, history will not repeat itself.

But given the recent events in Ukraine, especially the annexation of Crimea, we’re reminded of some frightening parallels that happened many years ago when Adolf Hitler annexed Austria.

It almost seems like Putin took a page out of Hitler’s book when he described Crimea’s annexation as a “homecoming.” The Fuhrer similarly welcomed Austria “home.”

And upon further research, it seems as though these two people have a lot more in common besides invading Ukraine. Even though Putin isn’t Hitler, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few comparisons to be made to better understand what’s going on in Eastern Europe.

There are parallels between the ideas of these men that might shock you.

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