Are You a Perfectionist? 8 Signs That Confirms It

perfectionist traits
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Do you have any of these perfectionist traits?

A perfectionist has overly critical self-evaluations and high personal standards. These people accept nothing shy of flawlessness and insist on perfection. This can manifest as criticism of both oneself and others and in attempts to control people and situations.

If you’re wondering whether you’re a perfectionist, chances are you are—at least to some degree. Are you satisfied with a job well done? Or are you not content if it’s not perfect? Do you launch into new projects? Or are you waiting for the perfect occasion to start?

Perfectionism is often seen as a positive trait, and those who have it may be more likely to have success. While aiming to achieve perfection can be the drive that makes you excel, constantly aspiring to it causes fear of failure, stress, and can lead to being overly critical.

This sounds familiar? Here are some signs of perfectionist traits that you may be able to spot in yourself—or other people!

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5 Responses

  1. AHEM! Looks like THIS type of personality has the makings of artists and craftsmen!

    Let’s look at the OTHER end of the spectrum—slovenly hacks who do just the minimum to “get by”.

    Who would you rather have repair your car, remodel your house, or tailor a suit of clothes? A “get by easy” slob, a mediocre nil-wit, a “grab the $$$ and run” shyster or a hard driven perfectionist??

    We perfectionists have our place. Like ME, Feral Tomm, for example—I was a property inspector—you could hire ME to find defects, flaws, and safety hazards in a house you were interested in buying. OHHHH the realtors hated me! YES! I was the guy who could always find the scab on the apple! Quite often, a home buyer could use my findings to save 20, 30, even 50 times what I charged— from the asking price of the dump I inspected—once my scathing report was issued.

    True to your opinion of perfectionists—“THEY WERE ALL DUMPS”!! In MY opinion! The whole crux of the matter is THIS—at what point do you stop? Everything my father built or repaired was a true hack job. He’d throw the tools down at some point and belch—“EH! GOOD ENOUGH!” And I would ask myself “WHY?? Why is a sloppy job “good enough”?

    Perfectionists are seldom lazy (well, not always, my oldest brother perfected laziness to a fine art. Having 7 quasi slave children helped). Perfectionists often have a strong conscience and wish to do the best they can. I always felt a strong obligation to satisfy my clients and “go the extra mile” for them.

    Why are there not MORE perfectionists among the populations? Too many lazy people, too many crooked people, but mainly few people with enough patience for perfection. I am not “defending” perfectionists. We are just a different breed, one with higher standards. We don’t NEED any putting down. Just use us and appreciate us and it’s a WIN/WIN deal for all! (Except greedy realtors??)

    My perfectionism led me to Jesus Christ—the most perfect person to set foot on this Earth! Rather than settle for life as a lazy slouch, or crooked demoniac—WHY NOT FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE OF OUR LOVING SAVIOR and live a worthwhile life?

    This timely missive is yet another free gift from your favorite Sage—Feral Tomm. YOU ARE WELCOME!!

    1. Yes, completely agree with all you stated!! Why not strive for top quality?! Anything worth doing is worth doing it right. Strive for perfection; achieve excellence. Only Jesus is truly perfect, and I rest in His love.

    2. Thank you for your reply Feral Tomm. It was a true and great reading. I always seem to compare my work with others, and I see that I do way more than others, and then get angry or unsatisfied because the “others” didn’t do their job right.

  2. I have no doubt that I’m a perfectionist. All of the above items fit except fear and low self esteem. Very few perfectionists that I know deal with them either. They know their trade, know they can accomplish, and are proud of the results. If unhappy with anything, its someone else’s work.

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