Watch Out! 8 Shocking Habits That Fake People Share

Watch out! There are many fake people out there and you need to protect your peace!

Sincerity is said to be the greatest policy, but what happens if you interact with fake people? They might seem sweet and genuine at first, but you have no idea what they think. According to experts, untrustworthy individuals tend to share certain habits, such as disregarding norms and lacking integrity.

They can seem like a great addition to your life, making you feel good for a while, but as time passes and you get to know them better, they’ll start showing their true colors. This can be devastating, especially if you consider them your friends. Don’t worry; we know how to spot these fake people from the first moment, so don’t invest time and energy into a false friendship.

Keep reading to learn how to spot these suspicious behaviors and what to do when speaking with someone you don’t trust. Without further ado, here are the 8 habits all fake people have in common:

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1. They don’t care about your feelings

Have you ever tried to have an honest conversation with someone about your feelings? You told them their reaction or response triggered something in you, and it didn’t make you feel good. Fake people will tell you they feel sorry and promise to do anything to make you feel better. Yet, they repeat the same behavior over and over again.

Even though they try to convince you they’ll do better next time, in reality, they seem to ignore, be unaware of, or simply forget about your feelings. An untrustworthy individual might break your boundaries by constantly interrupting you and continuing with their behavior, even after you’ve told them it makes you uncomfortable.

2. They seem charming

According to experts, fake people aren’t only endearing but also skilled storytellers, which makes their company potentially mesmerizing. But here’s the thing: you must keep an eye out for exclusion.

Loving partners and friends, including introverted people, share their time with those they love. But if you hang out or date someone who only pretends to care about you, they’re more likely to monopolize the entire conversation and make everything about them.

3. They’re known for being unreliable

Fake people are also known as untrustworthy individuals, and you should probably not count on them for something important. Some experts think they’re similar to slot machines. They might be aware of how much they can get away with, and just when you are about to leave, they pull a brilliant ruse to keep you around.

These individuals exhibit a variety of behaviors, from owning up to their mistakes, such as saying, “I’m so sorry for being late” to gaslighting you, (“I never said I would be here at 5 pm”). The common thing here is that you’re willing to believe them and take their side, even if you have a portfolio of proof they’re unreliable.

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4. They have no empathy

An important part of listening and getting to know someone else is empathy. Even though it might be hard to fully understand someone and think about how they feel, it’s one thing that brings people together and makes a relationship more beautiful and honest.

Unfortunately, a lack of empathy can be a reason for breakups in many relationships, not just romantic ones. Fake people seem to take pleasure in your illness, misery, or discomfort, or they simply choose to ignore it. This one goes hand in hand with what we’ve previously talked about. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve talked about your preferences, boundaries, and expectations; they only say they care, but their actions don’t demonstrate it.

5. They blamed others

If you suspect you have fake people in your circle, pay attention to how often they blame you or others when things don’t go their way. They even say this directly; they act in a passive-aggressive way toward the person “at blame” or they adopt a victim mentality, trying to attract other people’s sympathy. This isn’t a healthy behavior, so watch out.

6. They have a lack of integrity

One of the primary traits shared by those who lack credibility is their lack of integrity. Long story short, people like this break their promises. They don’t keep their word. Experts say that although some people might apologize, their actions don’t change. An honest individual upholds their reputation and tries their best to do better the next time.

For an honest and genuine person, causing someone pain and feelings of betrayal would feel terrible. But that’s not the case with fake people. They might seem interested in your suffering, but they’re only looking for an opportunity to hit you while you’re down.

For instance, you confide in them about something, but they quickly go to others and share everything you say. When you confront them, they don’t seem disturbed that it upsets you.

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7. They don’t trust others

Did you know that untrustworthy people can’t trust other people? It makes sense that fake people who constantly disappoint other people would find it impossible to believe that others might be sincere.

Experts say the worse their behavior is, the more one-sided and suspicious they become of everyone. They often accuse innocent people of the same actions they are guilty of.

Similar to the husband who accuses his wife of cheating because he does, or the manager who fears his staff will defraud him because he is defrauding the business’s owner. You get the point. This is a sign of insecurity, and if you usually hang out with toxic people, they’re more likely to project their bad behavior on you.

8. They always break the rules

Be mindful of the behavior an unreliable individual has around friends and family, as well as the public persona they project. Even though they might seem like honorable, upstanding people to the outside world, when they’re around close friends and family, those in positions of authority, or people who are beholding them, they show their true colors.

However, as you can imagine, if you confront them, they’re more likely to play the victim card and say it’s not their fault. These people know how to trick others and make themselves seem hopeless and unlucky because of something bad that happened to them. Don’t be fooled and try to maintain a positive and objective attitude towards this type of behavior. Sooner or later, you’ll realize they’re indeed fake people, and it can be heartbreaking.

Do you know any other signs of toxic people’s behavior? This is a very interesting topic that can be a problem for many of us, so let’s chat in the comments. Have you ever been friends with someone like this? Share your experience with us, because it might be helpful for other readers who go through a similar situation.

If you want to learn more about being detached and not falling for toxic people, here’s a great book for you. Read it carefully, take notes, and always listen to your gut. It doesn’t lie! If you find this article helpful and you’d like to check out something else from Psychology Diary, here’s a great post for you: 7 Toxic Relationship Red Flags You MUST Watch Out For




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