14 Phrases Successful Couples Use Daily

Successful Couple
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What’s the secret to being a successful couple?

Communication is vital in any healthy relationship. And successful couples who work on these skills together will have a longer-lasting marriage. The reality is that words matter. Showing your partner kindness and support through your actions is great.

But expressing it in words is just as important. The strongest couples understand that regularly exchanging words of encouragement, validation, and empowerment can solidify their bond. Essentially, words can either make or destroy what you have together.

And, in a relationship, words can represent many meanings. They can be subtle or direct. They can demonstrate love or hate. A person’s tone of voice can encourage hostility or harmony.

So keeping all this in mind, we asked couples’ therapists to share what the most successful couples frequently say to each other, other than “I love you,” of course, that keeps their relationship strong. Here are 14 phrases you’ll want to share with your spouse!

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