9 Warning Signs of Bipolar Disorder in Seniors

Bipolar Disorder
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A short description of Bipolar Disorder

Before listing the 9 symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, we need to understand what this illness truly means. There are two types of Bipolar Disorder, both of which are quite serious. The first type of this mental disorder is characterized by fluctuations between manic states and intense episodes of depression.

The second type of Bipolar Disorder is characterized by fluctuations between hypomania and chronic depression. Although hypomania has similar symptoms to mania, they are of lesser intensity and shorter duration. Hypomania is still a milder symptom, and the problems associated with it can be resolved more easily.

Both types of Bipolar Disorder share the main factor of intense emotional instability, which leads to challenging management of daily activities. If left untreated, the disease can make emotional regulation difficult.

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  1. please do not scare people and put fear and paranoia in their mind and eventually they get it. instead please give preventive measures. all the people are trained in 12 step you can prevent and also can be used as a treatment

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