10 Dangerous Dementia Myths That Give You the WRONG Diagnosis

Dementia Myth
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With how many dementia myths there are out there…What can we ACTUALLY believe?

Nowadays, there are supposedly 5.8 million people aged 56 and older in the United States who suffer from dementia. Given that the average lifespan of people in the United States has drastically increased in the last decades, lots of experts believe that by the end of 2050, the number of people with dementia might reach 13.8 million.

For good reasons, these figures spark a justifiable fear, and as we’ve discovered in previous Medical Myths articles, fear tends to breed a lot of misconceptions. When it comes to dementia myths, the last thing you want to hear is a bunch of misconceptions that aren’t, in fact, based on anything. So let’s debunk some of those dementia myths today, shall we?

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