10 Warning Signs You Should Talk to a Therapist

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Do I really need to see a therapist? 

There comes a time in our lives when we feel like we’re on the edge. And it’s difficult to admit that we can no longer help ourselves and that we need to reach out for professional help. But how can we figure this out? A lot of people don’t actually know the main reasons why you might consider visiting a therapist. They might be skeptical; some are too shy to talk about their problems with strangers, and others don’t believe they need it at all because they have friends and family to talk to.

Here are 10 really reasonable explanations for why you might think about seeking therapy, and remember that none of them are negative assessments of your character.

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  1. I need to see a therapist. I have no social network that I trust and I need to talk to someone. My friends and sister only want to talk about their problems and none of them want to listen to what I want to talk about.

  2. I need a psychiatrist today. My brother died, then my mom. My fiancé breaks up with me and gets in my face, I call the cops and I have 3 months to leave, I left the next night. I have no job and I did but he told me not to worry.. if they’re physically or mentally abusing me, he threw me out through all my stuff on the front line, but I lived in a 3000 square-foot house for 10 years. All my stuff did not fit inside of my car now he won’t let me go back and get it. He’s got my cats, my dog and I was on the street. I need a psychiatrist.

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