Parkinson’s Disease: 9 Unusual Signs You Have It!

Parkinson's disease
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What do you know about Parkinson’s disease (PD)?

When it comes to mental health, everybody is scared of what might happen. Or at least they should be, because the mind is even more powerful than the body, and if something is going on in your mind, the physical body will soon follow.

Believe it or not, Parkinson’s disease is a type of dementia, which means that it affects the state of your mind first and then your body. Speaking of which, you or someone you care about might have been aware of the tremor symptom of Parkinson’s disease prior to a diagnosis.

There are a wide variety of symptoms that might be brought on by this, but the most typical ones include shaking, trouble talking, losing balance, bad posture, and trouble walking. But when someone is diagnosed with this health problem, it might be hard to tell if some symptoms are caused by the illness or by something else.

In addition to that, you might not realize that you can get help for your symptoms of Parkinson’s disease if you are aware that they’re indeed symptoms related to this health issue.

Hearing about a symptom you haven’t noticed before might be frightening, but information is power, so if you know what’s going on, you can receive the treatment you need. Here are some unusual signs you might have Parkinson’s disease:

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  1. This information has been very helpful as I am caring for a man with PD. You mentioned some signs I was not aware of.

    1. Patience
      Encourage excersise
      My husband us 15 years in to diagnosis which was given when he was 52
      We are now battling crippling hallucinations and dementia which has almost brought us both to our knees
      Remain positive always but be mindful that medications have consequences which can lead to having to deal with other problems
      Walk move move move however small amounts any amounts are beneficial
      Enjoy every day without looking forwards too much with gentle encouragement and support your friend will still be a part of the wonderful human race

  2. This information is extremely important. My next door neighbor was recently diagnosed with Parkinsonism. She will definitely value this article.

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