7 Effective Ways to Reduce Anxiety

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Anxiety symptoms, such as unease, dread, terror, or an irrational feeling of impending doom, can be quite unpleasant. The pain and anguish that come with anxiety may be very difficult, whether it manifests as an unsettled stomach, heart palpitations, tight tension in the chest, or even a panic attack.

Here, we’re not referring to normal, daily anxiety but to clinical anxiety, the type that may be crippling and all-consuming at times. As defined by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety is “persistent and excessive worry” that causes people to lose perspective and “expect the worst, even when there is no obvious reason to be concerned.”

We can rewire our brains to think more rationally and less fearfully by learning the correct skills and making the necessary lifestyle adjustments. Here are some natural, conscious ways to reduce anxiety.

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  1. Good Stuff – I am a Senior Fitness Specialist, and will
    be teaching a Yoga class this morning – will bring up
    some of this info – Thanks, Karen

  2. Week end get a ways, meditation , tai chi, playing guitar are also some stress reducing strategies….

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