People with OCD Usually Share These 8 Strange Traits

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What are the most common OCD symptoms? 

If you’ve read at least once about OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), you know that it is a health condition that urges people to repeat unnecessary actions multiple times right after they’ve already completed them. And that may seem odd to the rest of the world, especially if they don’t understand this disease’s traits.

A lot of patients who suffer from OCD tend to check if the door is closed at least four times after closing it or wash their hands repeatedly before eating or performing any action that involves clean hands. However, this is a severe condition that interferes with and puts pressure on everyday life, making anything seem even more complicated than it is. Let’s see what the most common traits of OCD are and how you can identify them.

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  1. They say OCD is a mental health problem. When is being neat and tidy a problem. I could be the opposite dirty and messy and a hoarder to me that’s a problem. If I check the front door couple of times to make sure it’s lock, I look at it as is it clean and people are welcome is not a problem. I call it old age lol. And to me that’s a problem. We all look at life different. When was the last time you saw a roach inside someone apartment that has OCD. I would like to see the study on that one!

    1. Checking the door “a couple of times” to make sure it is locked before leaving on vacation is not OCD. Checking the car doors 5 times before walking into your house after work or checking the house door 7-8 times after re-checking your pets inside 4 times and then making sure the faucet is turned off 3 times and re-checking the AC thermostat 4 times then re-checking your pets again to make sure all of this is safe before being able to get into your car and leave for work in the morning – THAT is what OCD is like. It is crippling.

  2. This article is a specific overview of the conditions
    /behaviors in people with OCD. It is concise, informative, and easily comprehended.
    Recommending it to several people.

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