10 Secrets Women Would Never Tell Their Husbands

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What secrets are safe to keep? 

Being honest is essential to any successful marriage. You ‘tied the knot’, and you promised to be loyal and faithful no matter what until death tears you apart. However, there are some things you should keep to yourself because sharing them with your partner could make them feel offended or, worse yet, harm your relationship. After all, we all deserve to keep some things to ourselves.

For example, in my case, my marriage has taught me that some things are best left unsaid. Keeping a secret from your significant other is not a big deal, even though most couples view lying as a big no-no. Read this article if you’re unsure of what to share and what to keep to yourself. Let’s find out!

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  1. I agree about having my own bank account. We do share everything financially basically but when he was working I would put away money every month and sometimes I had a very part-time job singing, still do sometimes, and when I get paid I put all that in my bank account too. My husband knows about it. The problem is he says we could be making more money if we invested that Money elsewhere. He’s right about that but there’s something inherent in me that says keep it for a rainy day For something I want or need for something I want or need or for an emergency when I or he might need some money right away without going through hoops to get it from somewhere else. In general, I find it more satisfying to share things with friends because a lot of things I might tell him or things I read or hear about, he often doesn’t want to know-Not interested he says. We will this August be married 54 years.

  2. We are all different, somethings shared are NOT always good. We are living in a totally new environment, and that it’s self can upset some of our goals. It’s always good to keep peace in the family. Life is NOT always as we wish it would be. Be good to each other, share ideas, and try to understand we are NOT always right, AND we are not always wrong. Do your best to be a happy family.

  3. I think these topics really depend on the people in the relationship. All of these topics– my guy and I can freely discuss without either one getting offended about.

  4. If the mam and his woman are comfortable with each having their separate accounts , that’s fine as long as they both shared responsibilities. I suggested that , the man paid the mortgage and his woman take care of the foods and utilities of their house. Now , they both can put away money in their bank account for a rainy day. Every body should be getting along and be happy now. 😊 But if later down the road the man wasted his money and can’t afford to pay the mortgage , if i was the woman, I’d send him packing . Also , this could be vice-versa. The bottom line is this: a husband and wife are one and every thing they own becomes one . The husband should know what the wife is all about and the wife must know all about the man she married. No secrets !!! No secret accounts!!! You don’t trust your spouse , don’t get married.

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