8 Secrets Men NEVER Tell Their Wives (and Why)

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It may sound disturbing and scary, but most men keep secrets from their spouses. And from a psychological point of view, this is something normal. Especially because most men are afraid to tell their wives what they think since they’re afraid of a potential fight. But can these secrets affect the relationship? I guess it depends on which secrets we are talking about.

However, most clinical psychologists advise that in every relationship or marriage, it’s best to talk freely without the fear of being judged. This will only improve the quality of the relationship and make the connection even stronger. Click on the next page to see the rest of the article.

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  1. This was AWESOME and very helpful
    Unfortunately for me 50yrs too late
    I equated the negative responses as he Didn’t love me and that he was emotionally ABUSIVE

  2. Everyone is attractive in some way, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way, but paying attention to someone will find the attraction. Being married is supposed to mean that a couple has agreed with their minds, bodies and souls to share life together with absolute dedication, that’s 100%. You can’t apply 100% to one person if you’re trying to share mind, body and soul with more than one person. Attractive? Fine, doesn’t mean you want to share any part of the 100%.

    1. Every word of this is true. Been married twice first one was home at his parents while the good side was with me until we got married and a week in his parents release him from his pin and he showed up as a completely different person. Verbal and physical abuse is not acceptable. We parted not soon enough. Remarried to a jewel of a man He was great. Vowed I would never remarry. He passed away 17 years ago. All the men in the 17 years was users and takers. I rid of them.

    2. If the women across the or where ever is his fantasy.. you doomed.. Next thing u know he want u 2 makeover n be her.. Or wanting u dress different.. or wonder why u not getting ur hair done like this.. or wearing certain clothes.. They want u transformed 2 someone they fantasizing about.. Not!! On my watch…

  3. I’m attracted to personalities, not money. I will live with a challenging personality like mine. You live with the traits. Money is earned and shouldn’t be the main focus of the relationship.i despise gold diggers and drama. Oh and don’t use the opposite sex solely for breeding. That topic is mutual. You and the opposite sex create a team.

  4. I been with my man for 15yrs now, and I am happy in our relationship, He does his thing and I do mine, We are alway’s together, I am not well and younger then him, but he is older by 15yrs, and he is not as sick as me, He does everything around the House, and he Love’s me to death, and I love him back, We have a 3yr old Border Dog, named Tucker, and he was abused, but he is Loveable and he play’s with him out in the yard, and he is trusting us much more each day, So we do have are Spat’s, but that is Part of Life, and We get over it, We are God’s people, and we have to do what we have to do, So Let’s all get along, Love Bird’s, Signing Off in Heaven !!!

  5. NOOOO! Here we go again with that dastardly “R” word—“relationship”. I despise the use of that word—making a “thing” out of how people treat each other. THAT word just invites trouble!

    OHHHH you Spiritless heathens!! The problems you create for yourselves via the 7 deadly sins, beginning with “pride”—which leads to the other deadly sins, such as greed, lust, sloth, etc.

    Our Loving Creator commands that in marriage, two people become as “one”. WHAT is your objection to THAT as a guideline?? Of course, to attain THAT, you will have to cast petty selfishness aside! Don’t try to make your husband do your housework while you sit on your heavy behind.

    Not unless YOU are changing the oil on the car, replacing shingles on the roof, or “snaking” out a clogged sewer. There is “men’s work” and there is “women’s work”. Stick to what you know best. Don’t prod your low testosterone husband into doing the man’s work and then foisting YOUR work on him.

    Doing many activities together so long as there is no bickering is OK. Cooking together is kinda cozy. I like to do the kitchen prep so my wife can pay better attention to the actual cooking and zoom through it. But I ain’t about to fold any clothes, do any dusting, nor wash dishes. She wouldn’t want me to anyhow—since she caught me using “Gunk” automotive degreaser, a putty knife, and a wire wheel on my drill to clean up a crusted frying pan.

    STAY honest, but with tact. “How do I look in this dress?” “Good enough to be my wife!” “Why are you looking at that young hussy”? “Ohhh, I was just thinking how fortunate I am that YOU don’t look like THAT!!”

    Most of all, aren’t you ready to forget all this ego inspired crap—and begin YOUR Spiritual Journey? To love your spouse dearly and constantly for putting up with you and returning your love? For pulling together instead of struggling against each other?

    Do you need help starting your Spiritual journey? First of all, you need to be free of evil and wickedness, from within as well as outside influences. HERE! Allow me to help—

    “Oh Heavenly Father, in the name of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ, I humble myself before You and beg of you to shield me from all wickedness and evil (including, but not limited to the following):
    * Predators
    * Parasites
    * Propagandists
    * Opportunists
    * Greedsters
    * Drug Crazed
    * Criminally Insane
    * Miscreants
    * Sex Maniacs
    * Sundry Other Demoniacs

    This rescue missive gifted to you by your favorite Sage, Feral Tomm. YOU ARE WELCOME!!

    1. Even the “most christian” person has thoughts he or she will never tell; why, judgement. And, how many state and federal legislators have been caught with their pants down so to speak, ready to condemn child molesters and druggies, only to be caught, charged and convicted of those crimes, have Republican on their business cards.
      I’m not a religious zealot; I don’t follow any religious beliefs, nor have I seen the inside of a church in 16 years – I was sexually assaulted by a pastor. Said his wife wasn’t putting it out , and god said it was ok the pastor get from me; whether I wanted to or not. The church and the conference swept it under the rug – like the other reports from congregants before me. They just moved him around like the catholic

  6. Having gone through so much with different women at different times, trust is an issue that was tested time and time again. No cheating. No hidden life. What you see is what you get. Sometimes, women don’t want that. They want something to have to fight about. They are bored otherwise. That’s why they like the “bad boys”. Conflict is ok for them.

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