8 Signs Someone Is Talking About You Behind Your Back

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You’ve probably felt awkward at some point in your life when you entered a room and thought someone was speaking behind your back. Perhaps what they were saying was fantastic. Or, they may have been spiteful and gossiping.

In any case, they likely attempted to deny it and appear as though nothing unusual had happened, and that is what gave them away. It turns out that there are several common behaviors that you can interpret as signs that someone is talking about you. 

While it’s essential to refrain from making snap judgments or assuming the worst about someone, their response and actions can reveal a lot about the circumstances. Your suspicions may be confirmed by awkward body language, an odd hush in the room, or perhaps simply a feeling that something isn’t right.

Do you want to know more about how you can find out if someone is talking about you? Say no more! Here are a few body language signs that might indicate if a person is gossiping about you.

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  1. My ex therapist placed a peace order agaist me and I am de pressed and upset about this
    What can I do to solve the problem.

  2. Brene’ Brown on TED does talk on trust. She breaks it down as an acronym (T. R. U. S. T.). It is a awesome talk and, and one of the things she brings up is that if you have a relationship with someone who tells you about other people’s secrets. Don’t trust them.
    Check it out on TED the short talk is okay but, the longer talk is better.

  3. As the saying goes, “If they are talking about me, they are leaving someone else alone.” I really don’t want to know. What someone thinks of me is none of my business just as it is none of their business what I think of them.

    1. Usually I will pay no attention. A friend told me this one time. “ Those who care don’t need an explanation and the ones that don’t care aren’t going to believe you anyway”

  4. Who cares people will always have something say about someone else. Tell me something I don’t already know. When you love yourself none of that matters on who’s talking about you.

  5. I think it is very beneficial to know what someone thinks about you. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  6. The sad part of this is this type of person can ruin your standing or your career whether what they are saying is true or not. Jealousy and hate is a terrible thing for someone to continually possess as they can do harm to others simply to make themselves feel better about themselves. You can confront or if it’s a work situation go through the appropriate person or persons to help you in this situation, but honestly from my experience I it’s sometimes best just to keep quiet go about your business do your job hopefully it will pass. You don’t want in my opinion to stoop to their level.

  7. Great information? Good to know these things. In my experience about 1/2cthe time a group or one-on-one conversation is about other people & personalities. Now I’m better prepared to make it even more interesting whil it lasts. Very often I like to talk about important political, religious & philosophical things. Most if the time these conversations end quickly with some dismissive or Very strange comment. I don’t usually try to draw that person out but I do think I’ll be doing as much question asking as I can from now on. People normally talk about themselves so what’s the problem? You don’t need to care too much what others may say behind your back but you can use it to draw out or include in a conversation. These days people seem unable to have a conversation or discussion of any substance. Dig in. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid. Unless there is a criminal or potential legal issue involved. And even then there are ways.

  8. Strong 💪🏽 people can say that but everyone is not immune to this form of bullying. Let’s face it, words hurt.

  9. The old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but your words will never hurt me” is how we should feel.

  10. This sounds like Biden. He puts everyone down. Or just says a smart and stupid remark if someone challenges his policies. Or walks away. Tries to make others feel bad for his stupid remarks and policies. Never takes blame for the bad policies and behavior. If someone seems to not like another person. Was there a reason? I was told some years back. If you try and help at least one person a day, friends will see. The people that are not friends, will bad mouth you. Usually because they only care about themselves. The me, me, me, syndrome. The only people that matter, in my opinion, are your true friends and God. We all make mistakes. The people that are not helping people, or using people, are the cowards. They really are the ones that need God. Remember, all of us have shortcomings. But, some people are just plain evil.

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