6 Things Men Secretly Do (and NEVER Admit To)

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We have a simple question for you: Do you act one way in public and another way in private? Your answer is probably yes, and that is perfectly normal. We all have private lives that we keep behind closed doors.

We are very sensitive to how other people perceive us, and we act accordingly. A study led by researchers from the Newcastle University School of Psychology found that when people were put in a room with posters that had images of eyes, their behavior would change. Even if it was only an illusion, the pressure of being watched alters our behavior.

All of us have our fair share of secrets, but today we will take a closer look at the behavior of men. What are they hiding from the public eye? Do they have a list of things they only do when they are by themselves? Here are some of the most common things guys do in private that they would never admit.

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