11 Things That Will Instantly Destroy Your Date

Going on a date should always be fun, whether it’s the first date, or the second, the third and so on. It’s always interesting and exciting to meet new people, but we must never forget that there are certain rules that we should at least try to follow on going on a date in order not to leave a wrong impression.

So, maybe not all your dates will go perfectly, but if you want to make sure, however, that everything goes as well as possible, at least from your side of the deal, you should avoid doing these 11 things that will surely destroy your date.

1. Showing up late

Nobody likes to be left waiting, especially when it comes to a date. It’s simply rude to be late, unless something unforeseen happened. Being late may signal to your partner that you don’t take the date seriously and you’re not that interested. Always try to take into account the traffic depending on the time you will go on your date, and in general it would be ideal to make arriving on time your only goal. Also, give yourself enough time to get ready. Also, if you still happen to be late, always let your partner know and don’t forget to apologize.

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2. Constantly checking your phone

When you’re on a date it’s assumed that you should pay attention to your partner and not constantly checking your phone.

This can be very annoying and, at the same time, totally rude. It’s very irritating to try to have a conversation with someone who is staring at a screen and who seems to have a severe attention deficit.

As long as there’s no real emergency that needs you to use your phone, there is no justification for checking your phone every two minutes. You don’t have to react to any vibration, notification or message. Because it distracts you and, at the same time, it makes you look disinterested.

3. Skimping on personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is very important in general, but even more important is when going on a date. You should always want to look your best for your partner, which means that you should at least make sure your clothes are clean and your hair is brushed.

Also, don’t forget to put on some perfume. Don’t you want your partner to remember you even after the date is over? However, it’s not necessary to go on too strong, wearing too much cologne. Remember, less is more. Needless to say, good oral hygiene is also important. Bad breath can completely kill the mood.

4. Talking over or for your date

In general, is considered to be extremely rude to interrupt people when they speak. It gives the impression that you’re not interested in what they have to say, and in addition it’s totally disrespectful towards the person you are doing this to. Honestly, nobody wants to be around someone who does that. So, under no circumstances should you do it when you’re on a date. You should make your partner feel important and not interrupt their every sentence. Also, do not speak for your partner, don’t answer questions for them, don’t order for them, because it’s also disrespectful.

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5. Constantly complaining and being negative

Going on a date is supposed to be a fun thing to do, so don’t pollute the atmosphere by constantly complaining and being negative. You will not leave a good impression at all if you find only the negative aspects in each situation.

Even if maybe the date didn’t go exactly as you imagined it would, it doesn’t mean that you have to stress about it and stress your partner too.

When something or someone bothers you, a better approach would be maybe to try to joke about it and definitely don’t go around judging people. You will only be able to attract your partner’s attention in a negative way. If you focus on the positives instead of dwelling on the negatives you and your partner will definitely have a great time.

6. Getting too drunk

No matter how nervous you are, and no matter how good the wine is, don’t go over board with it, because you’ll most probably regret it later.

We all know that when alcohol starts to kick in, inhibitions fly through the window and we’re under the impression that the world is ours, and everything we do is awesome, although most of the time from the outside it doesn’t feel the same.

Two glasses are enough to relax you a little, but anything over this will make a bad impression, because your behavior will change without even realizing it and it’s very likely you’ll say things you shouldn’t say and do things you wouldn’t normally do. So, limit your alcohol consumption and you’ll see that you’ll enjoy yourself even more without it.

7. Make the date feel like a job interview

In other words, don’t subject your partner to an endless series of too personal questions, you don’t have to sound way too curious (even if you probably are), because it’s possible that this will make him feel uncomfortable.

Many people, when faced with such an approach in most social interaction, end up talking even less than they actually would. No one wants to feel questioned.

Don’t insist on topics like work, family, future, unless you see that your partner wants to talk about them. Give your partner the freedom to choose what to disclose and what not to.

However, if things go well, you will always have to find out everything you want to know.

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8. Talking too much about your ex

There is nothing wrong with telling your partner about your past relationships, as long as you both agree to do so. After all, all of it is in the past and it shouldn’t weigh that much anyway, so that shouldn’t be a problem unless you won’t stop talking about your ex or exes.

It may give the impression that you haven’t moved on or that you are bragging. You don’t have to give all the details of your past relationships, you don’t need to start saying how great, and amazing, and unforgettable your ex was. And never make comparisons between your partner and your ex. It’s rude, pointless and totally insulting.

9. Being critical of your date

Everyone hates criticism. Criticism is never constructive, it just makes the ones being criticized feel bad and defensive. So, maybe if you have nothing nice to say, you better not say anything.

This is also very important when you’re on a date. Never criticize your partner. Even if it’s something about your date that bothers you, try to refrain from criticism. A date should be a pleasant moment, maybe even a romantic one, not something upsetting.

Instead, always aim to be kind and respectful to other people, not only when you’re on a date, but in your everyday life as well.

10. Bragging too much

Bragging is a totally unattractive quality, so try not to go bragging the entire date. Don’t try to dominate the whole conversation and get into the greatest detail about your life and your accomplishments and how well you are doing in general.

Maybe you have other desirable qualities that you think would compensate for the constant bragging, but most of the time bragging can be such a big turn-off that it doesn’t even matter.
Instead, try to be natural, not to present yourself as someone you’re not; to talk about yourself, but not in a boastful way, and you’ll definitely make a much better impression.

Compliments are significant when they come from others, not when we praise ourselves.

11. Constantly checking your appearance

Have you ever been on a date with someone who keeps checking themselves in their knife’s reflection? Yes, it’s very annoying. So, you wouldn’t want to do that to anyone else, right?

This self-obsession doesn’t make a good impression, no one wants to sit next to someone who is so self-absorbed that they can’t go through an entire date without constantly checking the way they look. If you think you need to retouch your makeup, fix your hair a bit or check if there is any food stuck in your teeth, the most elegant and polite to do so it’s in the bathroom mirror. But not once every 10 minutes.




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