10 Things Women Do Behind Closed Doors

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As you might already know, women are creatures who were not made to be understood. They are unpredictable, intelligent, funny, beautiful, hard-working, serious, and devoted. They have the capacity to hold a family together, and so many other things.

However, as much as they would want the rest of the world to know that everything they are doing is as effortless as possible, it is not true. There are times when they want to give off the impression that they can have it all, and that they are organized and have their lives all figured out.

We have talked to several women to find out that they are actually not as organized as they seem to be, and sometimes, they do things that men are not aware of!

Don’t worry, these are funny!

Without further ado, let’s see all the things you won’t believe women actually do!

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    1. If it helps, Sigmund Freud was asked was asked toward the end of his career, what he had learned about women.
      And he said he knew less today than he did when he started

    2. This is the dumbest thing I’ve read in a while. Fluff piece that helps no one.
      Try again and state the real things women do behind closed doors; for instance cry, get angry, scream, write their frustration into a journal. You can’t say it out loud because no one HEARS you. Do better, I’m disappointed.

  1. I once had a girlfriend who i loved to do her laundry with mine so i could smell her fragrance on her clothes to help remind me why i missed her so much. I was reminded by your comments about the perfume on the pillow. I would often keep one of her (unwashed) blouses that she wore under my pillow to have her there when she didn’t stay over. Like the song sez, “Always something there to remind me…”

  2. This is the most ridiculous article on women I have ever read. What about masturbation and other delights? Give us more credit for being brilliant.

    1. Love it. So true we do things behind closed doors that we would never tell especially to the entire world

  3. lol A man must have written this. I’m female and most of these things are simply not true for the vast number of women. If this was written by a woman, than she just told on herself, not on women as a whole.

  4. There was a story in the Arthurian cycle where there was a truthful answer to the question of what women want. The answer: “Women want sovereignty over their own lives.” I’ll add “As much sovereignty as men have over THEIR lives.”
    Women resent men who take control of their lives away from them, by denying women anything that men can have, like an education, freedom, entry into clubs, etc., etc., ect. Any wonder women resent Sharia law, or other bigoted constrictions put on them simply because they are women?

    From woman to woman, each differs as far as how they want to run their own lives, just like men differ in that department.

    By the way, I don’t do the majority of things mentioned in this article.

    There, women are not so mysterious, after all.

  5. yes most women do those things behind closed doors, I stumble onto this looking through my email, which is true, and I am a woman, most women never feel comfortable unless they do some of these things or all, we worry about things that just jumped into our pretty little minds for no reason things like how do i look, will my husband or boyfriend like this, will he remember me in the morning and speaking of hair, gross, and must have lotion, for some women like me if you have very sensitive skin, and seeing a dermatologist, clothing can hurt just when it touches you for other soft skin or you don’t see me. now the stalking thing, not me at all, i listen to music or watch puppy videos well any animals mostly except for the fork togues without legs, lizards i love to see and frogs to, now my granny did the money stashes in her bra, i don’t regular pockets on my Levi’s has always worked fine. just ask if anymore questions happen to pop inside your handsome minds.

  6. Married at 16 co own a business with husband of 44 years run a household and I still feel I have done Nothing. I don’t get Heard. The feeling of not being able to get the point across that this is MY LIFE as well as it is everybody else’s life. I CRY behind closed doors.

    1. Tina, you need some support. I strongly encourage you to talk with a professional that can help you learn how to value yourself and get validation from others.
      It’s a miserable, lonely existence to feel as you do. I know.. I’ve been there. But you can learn how to reframe your thoughts and come out a healthier, more complete person.
      Please.. speak to a professional..and find the RIGHT professional. Go to them until you get from them what you really need!
      I wish you the very best!

    2. Sale out and start over. You didn’t come into this world together don’t let polite and unrealistic expectations keep you wondering. We die alone in this world be of joy not just happy.

    3. Don’t cry alone Tina. I would express my feelings with my partner and cry together. It looks like you two are not communicating. Crying together should open up emotional divides that have developed over time that must be bridged. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a much better relationship. I wish you well!

    4. Tina…..EXACTLY !! Whether they want to admit it or not, all women cry when no one is watching. Women have made great progress in the work place, but not in the home when they NEED to be heard there! Way to go you great big, strong men!

    5. I hear you, Tina. I was married young. Because I was a people pleaser. Then I was divorced 25 years later. I had a boyfriend for five years. We separated and I dated a lot. I sort of assumed I would be in a committed relationship, but not marriage. The guys all wanted marriage. No. My marriage was good, my divorce was emotionally and financially devastating. I moved to a new state and started over. No more men. No more relationships. Friendships, yes. But no dating. Am I lonely for that? Nope. Or I would be doing it. No one person can fulfill you, except you. When I was married, I had a friend circle. When I divorced I made new friends. When I moved, I made more new friends. I love what I do for income now. Get creative, Tina. Two-thirds of your life is behind you. But you have another third ahead of you. Make the best of it. I wish you happier days ahead. Sincerely, Mary

    6. Maybe your initial move at 16 started the doubting process. Maybe it’s time to let it go. Isn’t 44 years with the same man punishment enough ?? Not able to get a point across ?? Does what you’re saying have a point ?? Is that point relevant to others ??

      You are the captain of your ship. Hasn’t that ever occurred to you ? Are you living for others and not yourself ? Living for yourself takes a backbone. Maybe you should schedule a replacement operation. Why cry behind closed doors ?? Why not out in the open ?? Could be the most honest thing you’ve ever done. It could be liberating. Things have to change. Developing a backbone might be the first step. Then you could be the captain. Good luck. You deserve better than what you have given yourself.

    7. Rise and Stand! You have as much value as anyone else! Don’t ever forget that. I know about crying. So sorry you are sad.

  7. Approaching a man and a flat-chested woman both wearing thongs that have been on a desert island for months and there isn’t going to be a lot of difference except for the beard

    I don’t do any of the behaviors you mentioned and most of what you wrote is an INSULT TO WOMEN!!!
    Are you kidding???? Who spends HOURS in the bathtub making sure EVERY hair is off one’s body??????

  9. I’m not the best communicator and it weighs heavy on me. I k one that’s the primary reason I don’t have a significant other in my life. It’s something I’m working on and hopefully will allow myself to trust and open up to a lifelong partner.

  10. One thing you didn’t say was. We have a secret sense. Lie detector, we know the truth before men can say anything. From cheating, lying, to let me tell you why. We all ready know. For example. My boyfriend for 6 years would stop and get ice cream before coming home from work. One day I knew what time he was getting off so I followed. And watched him sit in his car eating an ice cream cone. Wow.

  11. Good info and gave me a few ideas. I think we could be silently depressed, hiding true feelings about their relationship; and in fear of their future .thanks for sharing , love the topics and could be funny too.

  12. THIS Isn’t NEW! I am 68 and learned it from my beloved grandmother. Brassieres, Girdles, Socks, Shoes. A girl has to do what a girl has to do. 😉 #resourceful

  13. I let my wife of 47 years think she’s in charge. She does a pretty good job most of the time but occasionally I have to remind her and get her back on the right track.

  14. Jerry says

    After 58 years of marriage, How did we get along? as a husband I found not to argue about small things it is easier to give in and the big wait give it some time to talk about. Then write a letter to your love one and explain you thoughts abot it.

  15. I.have done #10 but in reverse … start “stalking” then see an ad and off OI go. None of the others though, nor do most of the ladies I know!

  16. Although I am extremely hardworking, self-sacrificing and qualified, I am single because I do everything openly and clearly and do not compromise on my personality. Because I ended my marriage, which I continued for 10 years, when I realized this fact.

  17. These things aren’t behind closed doors these are every day things women do that the entire world can comprehend and agree. Behind closed doors is fulfilling sexual fantasies either with someone or themselves. We don’t even have breakdowns behind closed doors what’s the point if no one knows we’re upset. We do things such as sing out loud when no one can hear we dance when no one is watching but the number one thing women do behind closed doors is fulfilling their sexual needs!

  18. Women also cry, pray and write their thoughts in a journal privately as well. They dream, they self love and enjoy the quiet of an early morning or late evening as well.

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