10 Secrets that Women Wish Men Knew

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A great partner isn’t just a great lover but a great friend as well, but it’s needless to say that sometimes women think men could do at least a bit more. However, if you’re a man, you can’t help but ask yourself, “What exactly do most women want from a partner?”

Lucky for you, we convinced a couple of women to open up and share with us some of the expectations they have from men. Women may seem complicated at times, but once you know what exactly is on their minds, it will be easier to build and maintain a connection.

Sure, offering your jacket, holding the door, and carrying heavy stuff for them are some of the things all women wish for their partners to do. But there are many secret things that women love when men do that you may not know about.

If you want to learn some of them, you’re in the right place! Keep reading, and make sure to use the information wisely. Your life partner will love you even more!

Here are 10 relationship secrets!

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  1. At 80 and married to the same woman for 53 years I saw her and her sister walking down the street. Two real red heads. I pulled over to talk. it was a hot day so I invited them to go have an A and W rootbeer. It didn’t take long to ask the older one out to go to the drive in. yes I’m that old that we still had drive ins. the next day I sent her flowers and said I enjoyed our date and would like to see her again. Flower power works guy’s have an argument send her flowers even if she is wrong, doesn’t matter. Always treat a woman with respect. I grew up in a rough and poor section of Detroit. we had many prostitutes around. one came in where I worked and we talked as normal. she was looking at the woman wedding books. she said why don’t you and I run off and get married? well in truth she was not good looking and short and fat. I could have insulted her but I told her sorry I am a confirmed Batchelor. what I didn’t know is she went to school with my future wife. what I didn’t know was that she asked her what kind of guy I was. she told her grab on and hold tight that I was one of the good guys. I am far from good looking or have a good and in-shape body. I am even shorter than my wife. it seems that women want different things than a man does. I was lucky because my wife being poor knew how to save money. we went from having nothing to having enough money to live comfortably without worry in a 2000 sq foot home on a half acre of land. having great grandkids to keep us busy. life is what you make it. having a party every week isn’t living. I could count my true friends on two fingers. they are people that are there when you need something done. Walking as partners in life is far more satisfying than parties. We went to visit relatives in Ireland and found many relatives. So even as I am only able to sit and use the computer to post notes I can see that our lives were far richer than the people that have money. you cant have the rewards unless you earn them having grandkids that fight and cry to stay overnight is the best event one can have. life is what you make it. having a long satisfying life is what most people want. yes, it may be nice to have a good-looking wife but it is what happens when you turn out the lights that matter. lastly don’t expect to have a woman be a toy to look at and put on a shelf when you’re done. use civil language without all the four-letter words that only show the limit of your vocabulary. the best advice I can give is never let the sun set on an argument. let them all stop at the bedroom door. arguments happen so don’t let them ruin your life. and remember flower power. it helps mend relationships. try it because what have you to loose?————— I, Grampa

  2. My former girlfriend told me on the first date, that it was the man’s job to provide the finances and the women’s job to provide the sex.
    This pearl of wisdom came was from a woman with three college degrees.
    Needless to say, it didn’t last.

    Why isn’t there anything in this article about money? I did enjoy your article, however.

    1. Really. Am I the only man who is not intimidated by an educated woman. For me it’s a challenge and I know I am very smart bit did not know it for years. Sex can be two way hopefully. Buddy get your A game on. Women are today very well educated. Cool by me!

  3. Sweet Grandpa, what Sweet,Sweet words to write. I am so happy you enjoy a wonderful life and relationship with your wife. My best friend/husband have talked about so many of the people we know just do not have a very good time with their significant other. We are one of the most fortunate couples we know. So Blessed. And thank you for sharing your story.

  4. I enjoyed reading your article, coming from a seasoned individual is refreshing to say the least. My personal opinion is that some of the women today, don’t want such simple things in life, but they have other things in mind like they want the man to take care of them financially while they bank theirs and when their broke they can easily move on to another without costing them anything. I’m a female and still like flowers as a makeup gift.

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