12 Signs You Might Be a Highly Sensitive Person

Do you often feel overwhelmed by your emotions? You Might Be A Highly Sensitive Person!

Studies have shown that just 20% of people have a hard time controlling their emotions and are considered highly sensitive. From a psychological perspective, the differences in personality and past experiences influence how we deal with our feelings.

Find out if you are one of them! Below, you can find a list of 12 signs you might be a highly sensitive person (HSP):

1. You don’t know how to deal with negative feedback

Most of the time, highly sensitive people work extra hard because they feel the need to demonstrate their abilities to others. It isn’t great at all, since this kind of behavior usually leads to burnout. Accepting negative feedback is a topic that should be improved. Unfortunately, we cannot stop people from judging or expressing themselves freely. All SPHs have to keep in mind that negative feedback or a negative idea about them doesn’t cancel their values. An insult can be a great way to boost our self-confidence and become better.

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2. You love to solve problems

Problems stress you a lot, so the only way to calm down is to keep solving them as soon as they appear in your life. HSPs are great team members since they are great at problem-solving. These kinds of people can sense conflict in just a few minutes.

3. You are extremely empathetic

You are an expert at communicating, resolving conflicts, and motivating people to take action due to your emotional intelligence and empathy. Studies have shown that highly sensitive people have more active mirror neurons. These neurons are responsible for understanding others’ emotions.

Dr. Judith Orloff says in The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People: “Having empathy means our heart goes out to another person in joy or pain.” 

4. You enjoy spending time at home and even working from home

Due to their heightened sensitivity, HSPs often feel overwhelmed in high-stimulation environments. Chaotic, noisy, or crowded places can exhaust this kind of person, making them feel the need for a break, a solid need for quiet to recover. Usually, the idea of simply being at home makes sensitive people feel safe and relaxed.

5. You are always kind

You are very friendly and love to have deep conversations with your loved ones. You are the kind of friend who understands every kind of situation, no matter its gravity, without judging. You love to be there when your friends need your support and are often called “the mother” of your group.

6. You hate feeling or being under pressure

Deadlines make you anxious. You avoid making a to-do list because it can rapidly become overwhelming. Seeing all the challenges you need to go through doesn’t help you at all. Highly sensitive people need to have great time management skills. It will help them a lot, boost their energy, and improve their work quality.

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7. You take it personally (always)

You hear a lot: “Don’t take it personally!” But can you not take it? It seems impossible. HSPs usually react more strongly to situations. Also, they often ask themselves how the others around them can go through things so easily without panicking or going crazy when struggling.

8. You struggle to make decisions

You simply cannot decide anything. No matter the subject, the idea of choosing the wrong option makes you go crazy. Going out or spending time indoors watching a Netflix movie and chilling? Eating pizza or pasta for dinner? Wearing a black or white t-shirt? These are just some examples of the many decisions you have to make every day. You often feel exhausted just thinking about the idea of having to decide something important.

9. Your meticulousness can turn into professionalism

If you do something, you ALWAYS have to do it in the best way you possibly can! Also, HSPs are extremely perceptive and can notice the tiniest changes happening around them. In many situations, this attention to detail is an excellent ability. You have a keen sense of what others enjoy, dislike, or prefer. On the other hand, if you don’t control it, your meticulousness can develop into professionalism. Keep in mind that sometimes done is better than perfect.

10. You notice EVERYTHING

Do you often hear, “Oh, I didn’t notice that!” when talking to someone? If the answer is yes, it is clear how attentive you are to everything that is going on around you.

You notice not only the changes in people’s behavior but also the changes that refer to aesthetic aspects. You notice immediately your co-workers’ new shoes or a change in the way the furniture is placed at your best friend’s home.

11. You cry a lot if you are a highly sensitive person

You feel overwhelmed more often than others and cry almost every day, no matter the inconveniences. Whether you saw a movie that was a little too dramatic, things didn’t go as planned, or you lost a loved one, you discharge yourself by crying a lot.

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12. You seek meaning and purpose

Rather than being motivated by external factors such as money or prestige, HSPs are motivated by internal ones such as cherishing what they do. You are the kind of person who searches for work that feels like a calling.

How the brain works for HSPs

From a biological perspective, highly sensitive individuals perceive and process more inputs from their environment. Based on recent studies, the HSP brain is more active when it comes to emotions, attention, action planning, making decisions, and having deep internal experiences.

In fact, managers frequently rank their most sensitive employees as top contributors. Professionally, HPSs are creative, strongly dedicated to equity, and possess a talent for managing groups of people in a way others simply cannot match.

Hyper-attunement, however, can also be exhausting. A sensitive person can become overwhelmed in conditions that might be considered mildly distressing to a normal person.

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Don’t forget to come back here, in the comment section and give us a review. Also, feel free to share with us your tips and tricks. How is it to be a highly sensitive person? And how do you handle your emotions?

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