YES, Cancer Is Scary. These 6 Things Will Keep You Sane

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Cancer is scary and that’s a fact!

I can call myself lucky because no one in my life was ever diagnosed with cancer, but in my best friend’s family, this deadly health issue is genetic. Her grandmother had cancer; her uncle died of cancer; and her grandfather had it too. Now I hope that she will never be diagnosed with something like this.

I might not know exactly what people who suffer from all this pain actually feel, but I know that it’s not easy. If you’ve been diagnosed with this health concern, being informed, knowing what could happen, and making some plans for how to deal with it will make this easier for both you and the people you care about.

I’ve talked to some patients, and they told me that they felt scared, anxious, and hopeless, but the information was the one that helped them get through. I asked them about their best tips on how to keep your sanity in difficult times like this, and here’s what they told me:

PS: If you feel hopeless, don’t know how to deal with this, and the pain is unbearable, it’s best to keep in touch with your healthcare provider!

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