9 Self-Esteem Activities to Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

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Good self-esteem is vital for your health and well-being

As a senior, simply staying alive isn’t enough. Healthy self-esteem is especially important for aging adults dealing with chronic health conditions and other significant life changes.

Feeling fulfilled is just as necessary for an overall well-being as getting regular check-ups from a physician. An optimistic view on life can help retirees have more energy, better appetite, less stress, and can even prevent cognitive decline.

Confidence in one’s self has long been praised as a necessary component of living a happy life and maintaining personal relationships. Studies of how self-esteem changes throughout a person’s life show that this personality factor declines somewhere between ages 60 and 70.

But, additional research indicates that achieving and maintaining a positive sense of self-worth could stave off some of the adverse effects of aging. Here are 9 ways older adults can boost their self-esteem and improve their quality of life!

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