15 Unmistakable Signs You’re Falling In Love

I think we can all agree that falling in love is a fantastic feeling. Those butterflies, the intense and overwhelming feelings, the emotions, the ‘I can’t wait to see you again’ moments are priceless. But sometimes it can be hard to know if you’re in love or not, and it’s not like you can call Cupid and ask his opinion.

While falling in love is a different experience for everyone, there are some common signs that could indicate you’re falling for someone. From constantly thinking about them to feeling sad when they’re sad and dreaming of a future together, there are a lot of signs that could prove you’re crazy in love.

Read on to find the 15 unmistakable signs that prove you’re indeed falling in love.

You want cuddles rather than sex

You know you’re in love with someone when you just want to be emotional and cuddle with them all night. According to relationship and dating expert Nicole Moore, the fact that you would prefer to cuddle with them and be romantic instead of having a sexy time show that you’re truly in love with them, and it is indeed the best feeling in the world.

She also added that just laying on your partner’s chest will make you feel as euphoric as a hot, steamy night would make you feel. So if you’re very excited about a cuddling session and you don’t want to ever leave their arms, you’re very, very in love.

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You can’t get them out of your head

I’m sure that everyone has experienced at least once in their lifetime a situation where they couldn’t think of anything else than a certain individual. When we’re in love, we unite with the other person to the point where we can’t get them out of our heads, and they’re all we think about.

Being in love makes our serotonin levels drop off considerably, which explains why we feel like we have our heads in the clouds when we’re newly in love because serotonin is a neurotransmitter responsible for mood fluctuations. Without the serotonin that helps us be stable, we experience a dopamine rush that makes us ‘crave’ the other person even more.

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